Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deep Cleaning - beginning stages

When's the last time you thought about cleaning these areas?
It does seem that the cleaning never ends. However, there are some things we don't have to take care of as often. But after you get through reading this post - you might agree with me that I need to do it a lot little more often! I have been on a mission to try to minimize our home while deep cleaning with safe non-toxic cleaners. Check out the Shaklee products! The free membership offer is going to run out soon!

How often do you change your air filters? I know it says every 90 days typically depending on which filters you buy. However, I think we change ours much more often! The dust out here in AZ is just crazy! I do splurge and get the more expensive filters because I want to make sure it catches everything!

Checking out the filter.

You can't see it in the picture but I was totally standing on the most sturdy chair ever! I never could get it all the way in and had to get the hubby to help me out!

The top of this fan is so disgusting!

I sprayed a little Basic H2 Cleaner on the cloth and went to work!

I know this is terrible! When's the last time you cleaned your fans?

Just a little something that came off the fan. I need to put this on my list to do every 2 weeks!

The Shaklee special will run out soon. Check out my site! Buy $30.00 worth of products at the membership price and you get a free membership! One thing I love about Shaklee is that there are no minimums to have to buy ever! You never feel pressured to buy anything! You only buy when you want or when you need.

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