Thursday, September 15, 2011

Closet Car Junky

Are you a Junky?

I am!

Well sort of.

I often complain that I have trouble with my weight but I am sure if I NEVER was a Car junky it wouldn't be an issues but sometimes you know when you are having a craving and you can't wait any longer and you think you are going into some horrible withdrawal if you just can't get it? Well it happens.

It just happens.

Not often but sometimes it just is necessary.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Expired Coupons

What do you do with your expired coupons?

I know not everyone uses coupons (although I can't imagine why you wouldn't it saves me thousands of dollars a year). But even if you don't use your coupons out of the Sunday paper I am sure the families overseas living with their military member would love and appreciate them!

I KNOW they would because I lived in Panama and Puerto Rico and we couldn't get coupons in the Sunday paper like you do in the U.S. and at that time there really weren't very many printable coupons at all. Even though there is the PX/BX and Commissary the prices typically aren't that much cheaper and although the Commissary says there isn't tax there is a surcharge (so it's like a tax).

I recently went through my coupon binder and sorted my expired coupons and here is what I came up with. 

Please check out this WEBSITE that has been specifically set up to help out our military families.

It can really become a mess sometimes but I will do my coupons while watching TV in the evening. I have to pick a night and just do it because most nights I am doing laundry or many other things while the TV is on.

I remind myself not only does this financially help out my family but I am doing something great for other families.

Talk about multi-tasking. I spend a lot of time on the phone at work with a headset and so my hands are free a lot so I will sort my coupons while I am talking to the organizations I work with.

I sort the coupons to Grocery Items, Non-grocery items, and pet items.

There is a wonderful lady at my work that will collect the coupons and then she ships them off. It is wonderful because I can contribute but I am not the one that has to do it all! I didn't total my coupons but I know I just send hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of coupons.

Remember what a different this really does make in the lives of these families being able to really save some money. That is one less stress for them.

Take the time please to check out OCP.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dehydration? Heat Illness? Not on my watch!

Getting sick from the heat can be very serious!
As you have probably read, Haley started cheering and it has been over a 100 degrees since well I can't remember when it wasn't this summer.

Who has heard - well it is a dry heat? Come try it out for a summer and we will see if the tune changes.

To prepare we have taken some steps when the kids have sports.

It is very important to have shade! I think on this day it was about 106 degrees!

We made sure we had buckets of ice and water for the cheerleaders and we shared with the boys too if they needed!

More water - and yes ice cold wash clothes in ice water for their necks if they were getting overly hot. We also put on their wrists and back of knees to help cool them down.

My 3 coolers FULL of ice water, Powerades, and fresh fruit!

Love you girls!

My princess!

Days we will remember forever!!

Our awesome chain guys! My pastor Ashely is a man of many trades! He volunteered to run the chains for the middle school football team!

Does life get any better than this? I think not!

I will be the first to say what a pain it can be to lug all of this stuff to and from the truck. But it is all worth it to make sure our kids are well taken care of.

I will be investing soon in a little wagon that my sis uses for all of their soccer outings!  If you haven't seen it - it is MUST have for families on the go that have gear to haul back and forth - check it out HERE over at The Musings of MommaBrooke!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Changed Forever

Remembering and Never Forgetting

Our Lives were changed forever!

I remember exactly where I was on 9-11-01 as I am sure most Americans do. I was at home on base at Fort Riley, Kansas getting ready to open my home for daycare that morning. My husband was day shift patrol supervisor at Ft. Riley that day.

This horrific day changes so many of our lives for the rest of our lives. I've talked to my kids about how they really don't know life except post 9/11.  This day scarred thousands of families, thousands of kids lost their parent(s), spouses were lost, daughters, sons, parents. My heart aches with sadness. I have told my kids how important it is for Americans to not forget what happened. I pray this never happens again but we live in a world of uncertainty and it is important we aren't scared but vigilant and educated.

As Americans we are resilient, powerful, united, and we have survived!

On 9-11 I was horrified. I think I cried all day and all night. I didn't hear or see my husband until about 11:30 that night and he came in a packed a bag and said he would need to be ready to go at a moments notice. As horrible as that was at least he came home to me. I was able to see him. I honestly do NOT take this for granted ever.

One of my best friends Erin was traveling that day. She was flying into the US from Puerto Rico - please take a moment to read her story HERE - it was craziness! It just added to my panicked feelings!

9/11 changed my world, changed my daily thoughts, changed my future in ways I had no idea.
After 9/11 most people saw changes. We couldn't go into the PX, Commissary, or the Burger King on base without soldiers carrying their M16's standing in front. My kids became so used to it they didn't even bat an eye. Quickly after 9/11 our life in the Army radically changed.

I am a PROUD AMERICAN! I am proud of our country and I am proud that my husband has served our country and fought along his fellow soldiers to protect our freedoms! We have endured many losses since 9/11 as we continue to fight to protect our country and our way of life. Regardless of ones opinion about the actual war I hope everyone will continue to support our military members.

In the wake of tragedy we had MANY Heroes among us!