Friday, April 22, 2011

Mini-ME VLOG Hilarious!

Oh wow! This is hilarious! I had talked to my kids about maybe guest blogging for me sometimes, you know from a tween perspective. After I did my Vlog yesterday I thought oh wow that would be so much easier for them.

Of course my drama queen child was super excited to get to sit in front of the camera and we talked about different ideas but after dinner she came up to the computer and made her Vlog about me and then told me.

So here it is - totally unedited - my mini-me. Enjoy!

Yes that is MY mini-me! Got to love her! See that attitude? H-E-L-P MEEEE!!!! Just kidding she is an awesome kiddo!

Oh yeah - pole dancing? I asked how do you know what this is? She said uh duh I have known since I was like 8. Really? Hmmmm not sure where she saw anything about poll dancing - are they showing that on teenie bopper shows now?

Natural Consequences

There once was a really cool kiddo that got some really awesome glasses! He loved them so much he wore them every day all the time and his parents were so impressed and so happy that he was actually wearing his glasses.

About a week after he got the glasses he looked very panicked and confessed he couldn't find these really awesome cool Nike glasses. His mom had a slight meltdown and lost her mind for a moment and then gathered herself to get the rest of the story. Come to find out the really awesome boy had taken the glasses off and put them on the tailgate of his dad's truck while he was riding his bike. Oops he forgot to get the glasses before his dad left to go the gym! The glasses are NOWHERE to be found!

Well the mom was the least of his worries. Having to tell his dad was a completely different story. It wasn't as bad as he had built it up in his head. The momma probably reacted quicker and louder than the dad did.

The Natural Consequences are this: Mom and Dad buy cool awesome pricey glasses. Glasses get lost. The really cool kid is going to have to come up with the $200.00 to buy new glasses. Xbox 360 games - SOLD, DVD movies - SOLD, Nintendo DS - SOLD - only $40.00 left to earn to get new eyeglasses.

Natural Consequences  - that is all this momma can say!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painfully My First VLOG!

WARNING - I am not faking my accent. So if you do not like a good southern charming accent turn back now!  Oh heavens I can't believe I am posting this VLOG - thank you Raven - she begged me that is the only reason I am doing this! You can visit her blog at A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers!

Obviously I can't hear my own accent but I am sure you all will tell me otherwise! Now if you don't like how I talk that doesn't mean you can't come back and read my blog - you don't have to listen to me that way!

Check this out - Freebie tomorrow only! - Check this out - only good for tomorrow! I love their facial cleaner!

Wishing I Could Go Pink!

 I am a pink kind of girl! I can't help it - I love it, I love things that sparkle, I am just a GIRL!

I wish the slogan was going PINK instead of going GREEN but that is OK I will still do my darnest that I can to try to live a healthy life and leave as little of an impact on our Earth that I can. I know I am talking about Green a lot this week and my love for Shaklee alot but since we are leading into Earth Day I really wanted to provide you with all the great ideas that I try to follow.

Not everyone in our house believes in this as much as me but I am trying to make a small difference because I feel that is better than no difference.

Get Clean and Go Green!

Products I have used for years and after researching found out I might be getting the dirt out of my clothes but I was adding toxic chemicals to them.

This is what my laundry cleaning consists of now. Products that contain no phosphates and uses natural enzymes to clean. It is formulated for both regular and HE washing machines. This products is triple concentrated and the small bottle works for 32 loads!

These fabric sheets are unlike anything I have ever used. There are no harsh chemicals and they are vegetables based.  They are non-toxic, bio-degradable sheets, and during the drying cycle the sheets split in two pieces for evenly distribution. They are awesome!

For tough really dirty loads I will use the Nature Bright Laundry Booster. This is great for those really tough loads but the detergent alone still works wonders!

Shaklee doesn't test their products on animals in any way! Just another reason I love Shaklee products!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Clean for Car Mats!

Since I am trying to convince my husband to get me a new car, I decided I should really look like I care what my car looks like and how clean it is right?

So I decided to enlist the help of one of my tweeners to help me get my car mats cleaned quickly.

Since I am loving my Shaklee Organic Basic H2 Cleaner we decided to use this to clean the mats. Since it is non-toxic and contains no phosphates I was comfortable using it outside to clean the mats and not have to worry about the run off.

We put about 2-3 drops of the concentrated cleaner on each run and started spraying them down.

Getting our feet smooshy with the soap made the cleaning fun!

Spray them down and it was done!

Quick and easy way to get a much needed item cleaned!

In Honor of Earth Day this month Shaklee is offering an amazing opportunity!

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Don't pass up this awesome opportunity and a great opportunity to "Go Green" and get some great products that really work!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy Dinner Idea

Want an easy dinner? I am always about using my crockpot the most I can. I love to put something in the morning and letting it cook all day while I am at work. How about some Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches? Yummo!

I took a Pork Roast and Washed it off

Love my Crock pot! When I am going to be cooking overnight or all day while at work I will cook on low. But if I need to get something done quicker I will set it on high. This day I cooked the roast on low for about 7 hours.

I always think the roast looks gross like this. I will drain the fat and juices off (unless I am making a beef roast and want to make homemade stew later). When I put the roast in I add garlic, seasoning salt, and pepper!

After cooking the roast - I will pull it apart with tongs. When cooked thoroughly the roast just pulls apart.

Now, I will add in some BBQ sauce (doesn't really matter which kind but I do really like Famous Daves). I will put just a little bit in and mix thoroughly then when they make their sandwiches if they want more they can add to taste. See super easy! The crockpot did all the work while I was away at work.

Yummo - something fresh!

Add some fresh pineapple to your plate.

A  little pasta salad (that I showed you how to make the other day)
AND BINGO a great meal! Sorry I didn't get a pic of the final result of everything on the plates! Everyone ran off with their food!

You all know that I LOVE Organic Basic H2 Cleaner but sometimes I want something that makes sure there are NO Germs! When I am working with Chicken or Pork I want to make sure I have got all those little suckers gone! So I used my Germ Off Wipes

Love these!

Let me know if you get to make this easy dinner and how you like it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Kids Flew a REAL Airplane!

I had never knew of this program called Wright Flight until we moved to Arizona. When Cody was in 5th grade he told me he could be part of an afterschool program and he would get to fly a real airplane. I thought who in their right mind would let 10 and 11 year olds fly an airplane?

I asked him are you sure it isn't like a model plane? Nope - and he was right! The program is to teach kids about setting goals and earning achievements. They have to set a goal and work towards it all year long. They meet every other week and they learn about aviation.

Towards the end of the school year they have to take a big test and if they pass they indeed get to fly a real airplane. The entire program is ran off donations!

Cody completed the program in 5th grade and now that Haley is finishing 5th grade she completed the program as well! Here are a few pictures of my kids - I am SO proud of them!

Cody and his pilot.

Checking all the controls.

When Cody flew his airplane his pilot was an actual instructor pilot so Cody was able to fly the plane from the pilot's seat not the co-pilots seat. It was an amazing experience for him!

This gentleman has over 11,000 flight hours. He said if it has had wings he has probably flown it. He was going over the safety briefing with the kids.

Haley and her pilot.

Pre-flight check.

Haley had a classmate fly first.

There they go!

Haley's pilot took a picture of her while she was flying the plane.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flowers or Lollipops?

So over the past year I have had several friends having babies! I love babies! My babies are tweens now so it is so much fun living through my friends from time to time.  I have a great friend that is having her second baby this summer! Tess is welcoming a baby girl to join her big boy (my God Son) Blake and her husband into their home!

So my other great friend Nikki asked if I could help with her baby shower! And of course yes! So we decided to do some cool invites that I saw that looked like lollipops.

Nikki came over to help me get started. It actually is pretty simple. We used different round objects to get the 3 different sizes of circles.

I used a hot glue gun to glue the sticks to the back of the "lollipops"

Well, maybe not lollipops but they look like flowers to me! I thought they turned out super cute and actually pretty easy to make. 

A big shout out to Nikki to get this baby shower going and together. The pictures below are of her baby shower that Rene, Mindy, and I threw for her last summer!

Co-ed Baby Shower favors were shot glasses filled with candy.

Rene did a fabulous job on the cupcakes. She even made ice cream cone cupcakes! I was totally amazed! Mindy did an awesome job on the diaper cake! These women are amazing!

We focused on pink and brown. We used pink and brown candy, flowers, and ribbons!

To add a personal touch I mailed their parents and had them sent baby photos of both parents and we did a little clothes line with their baby pictures and baby onesies.

We had a book that everyone could give their advice to the parents and a note to the baby about their wishes for her!

We had a BBQ styles buffet line with pulled pork BBQ and fruit kabobs (yummo!)

Bobbing for Nipples anyone?

Sweet Tea and Pink Lemonade! Lots of yummy chocolate and pink candies too!

Cheers! Beer in Baby Bottles? It was a hit!

Rene made this cupcake! It was so adorable!

Great times!