Friday, May 20, 2011


For what you ask?
A FREE Membership to Shaklee!!

I know you have seen me clean LOTS of stuff! It seems never ending and well I guess it is never ending. I swear my dang laundry procreates before I can get it into the washing machine!

Well Shaklee has a LOT of different items but they are all created with health in mind! Healthy Homes, Nutrition, Beauty, Weight Loss/Control, Baby Items and lots more!

I have tried many products! I am VERY happy with the nutrition line.

My hubby and I have been taking the Shaklee Vitalizer Essential Nutrition. There are different packs. The one pictured is really more suited for men but I have been taking them too because like you we like to test things before we invest our money in a product. There is a Vitalizer for Women that has added Iron as well as a Vitalizer Gold for those 50+ in age.

I have to say that we both are already feeling better and have more energy! Even my hubby (which has been a skeptic) said after about a week that he felt so much better, awake, energized!

I have been sick the last couple of months so I knew it is important as ever to make sure I am getting all the vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. Just click above to take a moment to just check it out. Shaklee is the #1 Nutrition Company in the United States!

They come in these really cool packs for each day. The vitamins and minerals are released through their S.M.A.R.T delivery system. The nutrients are not released until they need to be in the right place in your digestive track.

We also have the Shaklee NutriFeron - this is a patented clinically proven system that activates your immune system defenses!

Do you want some Reusable Go Green Shopping Bags!? Shaklee has some awesome reusable bags! I bought a set of 6!

Here are some of my favorite products too! I love the Hair Products and Body Wash!  They have a light fresh scent! But even better they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Another one of my favorite products! The Get Clean Nature Bright is great for laundry stains and I have also used in my shampoo with the Basic H2 Organic All Purpose Cleaner and it works great!

So as you can tell, I love this stuff! I want you to just give it a try if you would like to try it out.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY - to take advantage of the Free Membership with a $30 purchase (at member prices). There are no minimums to maintain your membership and the membership provides you with a 15% discount on the products.

Better yet, these products are healthy! They are non-toxic and I am so glad that I don't cough any more when I am trying to clean - especially in those tight places like the shower.

So just take 2 minutes to check it out HERE!!!!!

Payment for Grades?

Do you pay your kids for their grades?

I use to be very torn on this subject but I had a therapist (yes,I work the field of mental health) tell me that kids are like adults, we are ALL motivated by Money!

After she put it like that I thought that is so true! I love getting a bonus at work (I wish that happened more often) so why wouldn't my kids like to get a bonus for getting good grades?

We do tell them that school is their job right?

I still have slightly mixed feelings about it because it is expected that they will do their best in school and achieve the best grades possible without having any sort of incentive other than not getting grounded  doing their best.

I guess a little external motivation never hurt anyone right?

So normally this time at the end of the school year I find myself calculating how big of a dent it is going to be on my wallet! 

I pay $10 for each A.
$5 for each B.
Nothing for a C
You owe me $5 for any D's
You owe me $10 for any F's and watch out!

Do you pay for grades? If so how much do you pay for an A? B? 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Multitasking at it's Best!

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Multi-tasking - Some times I wish there wasn't such a word!

Any-who, I seem to be pretty decent at it but it can also be exhausting. I decided last night I would see what I could get done while I was grilling dinner because I had to be up and off the couch anyways.

I decided I would clean the top rack of the grill in the same amount of time it took me to grill chicken and steam some rice.

Gross I know! This probably 3 years worth of burnt on stuff! I mean we scrub it every time with that brush doohickie thing but that only does so MUCH!

A little close up of all the grossness!

What I love about both of these products is there are no harmful chemicals or fumes and they do a great job!

Work in progress

Still working while the chicken is grilling

See - told ya I was cooking while I was cleaning the grill rack

So this is what it looks like in the amount of time it took me to grill the chicken.
I will be honest there was a bit of elbow grease involved but the Basic H2 and Get Clean Scour Off worked great!  I sprayed the rack first with the degreaser and then added the Scour Off to my scrub brush and went to town. I would periodically spray the rack with the degreaser to help break up the greasy stuck on stuff.

The top part of the grill is what I cleaned while I was cooking - it was THAT FAST!  Now there were parts of the grill that I couldn't get shiny and I realized it wasn't because it was still dirty but the heat seemed to change the metal like it was scorched.

Multi-tasking at its finest! Knocked out 2 much needed tasks (dinner and this nasty grill top). 

You only have till tomorrow May 20th to take advantage of the awesome deal with Shaklee to get a free membership with your first $30.00 purchase! No minimums ever! This stuff is great!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coccidioidomycosis = Valley Fever


Weird huh? Ever heard of it? Or Valley Fever?

Remember this?

About 6 weeks ago I went to get a CT Scan after I had been sick. They found 3 nodules in my lung and I have been waiting to see a Pulmanologist. It seems to take forever to get into a specialist when you need it the most!

After much time and waiting I finally got some information.
He diagnosed me with Coccidioidomycosis or otherwise known as Valley Fever in Southern Arizona.

Never heard of it? You can get it if you visit Southern Arizona, live here, or are passing through.

What is it?

According to the NCBI:
Coccidioidomycosis is a fungal infection most commonly seen in the desert regions of the southwestern United States, and in Central and South America. You get it by breathing in fungal particles from soil. The infection starts in the lungs.

Most people with this infection never have symptoms. Others may have cold- or flu-like symptoms or symptoms of pneumonia. If symptoms occur, they typically start 5 to 21 days after being exposed to the fungus. They include:
Additional symptoms associated with this disease:
My hubby actually collapsed his right lung 2 years ago and was in the hospital for 8 days. His blood tests always came back negative but after undergoing a bronchoscopy his pulmanologist (the same I one I have now gone too) diagnosed him with Valley Fever as well.

My blood work has come back negative too but the tests are not very conclusive especially if tested very early stages. I feel fortunate that my Dr. is very educated on this illness.

If I wanted I could go on an anti-fungal medication. At this point he said he didn't feel that it would do any good since I am past the worst symptoms (which is good right?). The down side is the current symptoms I do have (fatigue, varying fevers, out of breath all the time!) can continue for months! I am hoping that things will be better sooner than that! I am staying optimistic!

3 months I see the Dr. again and have a repeat CT Scan!
I am so glad I finally have some answers.

While I have been sick I have tried very hard to make our home safer, cleaner, and non-toxic. I figure we have enough problems without putting more into our home! I have gotten rid of all of my toxic cleaners and changed to Shaklee! I encourage you to check out this clean and safe way to clean!

This free membership opportunity ends May 20th! Hurry Up and check it out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Duct Tape Fixes Everything!

Duct Tape?

My awesome washer and dryer! My awesome new laundry cleaners that are safe for us and safe for our environment! Check the Shaklee for this great opportunity to live healthier and have great clean clothes!

Duct tape you ask? Well don't you know it can fix anything?
Even my awesome dryer! Seriously awesome - but broke! Can you believe this? This pretty much sums up the way the last couple of weeks have gone for me. We have ordered the clips but come on- a house of 4 with 2 tweens? The laundry is piling up!

Big thanks to Mindy for suggesting duct tape! Awesome!
Who fixed it? I fixed it!

Don't forget the great Shaklee opportunity - it ends on May 20th!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saving Time and Money

It seems now days pretty much you can go anywhere and hear people talking about gas prices!

I just want to say I can't stand pumping gas!

I am slowly trying to teach my tweens how to pump gas - they need to learn - and it will be so nice when I don't have to get out of the car to do it myself!

For me this hurt! I can't say I didn't have this coming to me - Remember I got a new Pathfinder? Yes, I am thrilled but getting used to the gas prices is taking a little bit of time.

I think we can all use some reminders on how to save money on gas and in return this saves us time and makes us more efficient! I LOVE efficiency but I just haven't been very efficient lately.

1. Take some of the weight out of your vehicle.
2. Watch how you accelerate and brake. The more you accelerate quickly then break then accelerate and so on the more gas that is used. Smooth riding seems to better.
3. Plan your trips. Instead of making multiple trips into town make a list of everything needed and try to reduce the number of trips needed to get tasks accomplished.
4. I live in AZ so this isn't very practical most of the times but when it is I do turn off my AC. This require more power which uses more gas.

Just a few tips!

Another way to save time when dealing with your vehicles is a safe all purpose cleaner!

I love my new Pathfinder and I want to take really good care of it! I have already had to clean it and I haven't had it a month! It is a matter of time with kids right?

I use the Shaklee Basic H2 All purpose Organic Cleaner! It works great for cleaning my exterior, the vinyl, plastic, and I can use it for cleaning the carpets and seats!

I really do love this stuff! It is good for the environment and your house and cars! By having one cleaner that is safe for everything I don't have to waste time by working with different cleaners!

I love these products are so safe and this company does not test on animals!