Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christmas Already?

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

I think about what I am going to buy early into the season. One reason is so I can budget my funds to get the kind of presents I want to buy.

I am a BIG BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER! I love it! I can't help it there are just some awesome deals that I normally wouldn't be able to buy.

However, this year I am taking a little different approach to some of my gifts. I am setting out to buy gifts that also give back. Isn't that really the true meaning behind the gift giving is to give back? We are celebrating Jesus' birth and he gave the ultimate gift to us all!

SO... Here are some ideas!

Why a soccer ball you might ask?

My niece Abby is why!  She is a unbelievable soccer player and I can't wait to actually watch her in a game! We live so far from each other I don't get to see her play!
BUT, I can get her a really cool soccer ball for Christmas!

For every soccer ball purchased they give one to a community in need.
Check out ONE WORLD FUTBOL and this really cool idea!


Yes I know I have talked about TOMS shoes before but I love the idea!

TOMS has a movement of One for One! Buy a pair of TOMS shoes and they donate a pair to a child in need!

TOMS also has a program for eye wear as well and cute kid shirts and onesies!

Blanket America

Please check  These Videos out! They are inspiring and this is a great company!

For every blanket purchased they will donate one!


This idea is great! And this was created by a really cool kid!

You have to check out this video HERE!

Oh my aren't these the cutest little blankets? Again this company will donate a blanket for every blanket purchased. These cute little blankets run about $20.00 and you can have them personalized for $10.00 if you would like!

They also have adorable clothing and same concept - buy one they donate one!

There are quite a few companies out there that are super generous and donate items when another item is purchased! I encourage you all to check these and many others out!

Do you know of any you would like to share with us?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am Here to Ruin Your Life!

Seriously?  I think my kids really think I am here to just ruin their lives some times!

I know it is constant for most parents and we have only just started the teen years!

I often think about these parents that I think honestly are lazy. They aren't involved, they aren't providing much guidance, the kids are just running around doing whatever they want to do. I wonder if this is nice for the parents?

Seriously, on one hand I know I would be miserable but to just ignore everything and pretend you don't hear things or see them doing things they shouldn't be doing.

Oh well, that isn't me or my hubby.

It does seem to be constant. For instance, my oldest wants to take whatever birthday money he gets to buy a new BMX bike. BECAUSE the one he got less than 2 years ago for Christmas isn't the kind that he wants now. Granted we did get it from a used sports store it is still a nice BMX DK bike.

What's the harm with wanting a new bike you might ask? $450.00 that is the problem. He is looking at bikes to the tune of $450.00! AND by me trying to ruin his life and not let him blow his money (even if he got even close to that amount) I am going to ruin his chances of EVER going pro and getting sponsored! I am a horrible mother apparently!

I totally understand wanting something new or more appropriate for what you want. I told him that regardless of how much money he gets (I wish I even thought I might get $450 for my birthday!) that he had to work within a budget and stay under $250.00 because he will want other things and he needs to have his own money to buy other stuff with.

Come to find out that his DK frame is a bit smaller than what he thought. So now he is on a mission to update his bike with new wheels, tires, and all this other bike stuff that I am clueless about. But one thing I do know is he is under budget on his wish list.

I may be a dream crusher.... but I guess I am doing my job?
But I am sure both my kiddos think I am here to ruin their lives.