Saturday, May 28, 2011

CMT Next Superstar 106 - Keeping in Style With Your Vinyl

Check out this episode! Why you ask? Check out the professional photographer! I went to and graduated with the photographer Rory White!

Check it out!

CMT Next Superstar 106 - Keeping in Style With Your Vinyl: "Watch the full show."

Simple Saturday

Simply Saturday
Pappy, Nana, and Cody

Friday, May 27, 2011

Proud Mama!

Hey all you proud Mamas out there!
You know how it is when you are so proud of your kiddos! I just love them so much!

** Disclaimer - There are LOTS of pics** I hope you enjoy!

They started out like this!
Sweet Baby Cody when he was about 5 months old

Sweet Baby Haley when she was just a few days old!

Oh my sweet babies

We have just now finished up another school year! And what a school year it was I though it was never going to get here and this has been the slice my wrists craziest year yet!

I often struggle with guilt being a working mom. I wish more than anything I had a work schedule that allowed me to be here when the kids are leaving and be here waiting on them when they walk in the door. But unfortunately I don't. I am lucky that my work is pretty flexible and I get more time at home than many working moms so I try to count my blessings!

Hubby and I try really hard to make a point to get to do something with the kids at their school. This year we both were super lucky to get to be part of a thing or too.  Here is this years recap!

Haley's Field Trip! Can you believe hubby got to go? He did - what a SWEET Daddy! They went to a local pumpkin patch.
(I Wish I had a picture!)

Then I go to go on Cody's field trip the next week! We went to a science and math conference.

Yes - that is a real human brain he is holding in his hands.

Powering the lights by riding the bike

I was lucky enough to stop by Cody's field day on my way to work one day! I haven't got to go to his field day in years! I was the ONLY crazy parent there.  It was great! He said he didn't want me to leave.
OK my child is somewhere in there. Didn't look fun to me!

I gave Cody the stumpy jeans! He is the short one in the black shirt

I was a sweet momma and shared my water!

Cody and his friend (which ended up with a split open chin and was taken out in a wheel chair!)

Goofy boys!

Love him (:

Balloon toss - oh yeah!

This year is a BIG year for us! Haley is promoting to middle school! So once again and for the last time we headed out to 5th grade promotion.

I always get teary and of course my hubby and Cody always look at me like I have a horn growing out of my head but I can't help it! Where has time gone? They are growing up so quickly! I am so proud of them both but I remember when I could snuggle them in my arms!

I have to say that both of my kids have had some of the best teachers ever this year!  Both of my kids had the same 5th grade teacher and she said what is she going to do now that the Lawson Era is over? maybe take a deep sigh of relief? 

Hey Gorgeous Haley! Getting ready to no longer be a 5th grader!

Cody's last day of school!

Haley's teacher, Miss Cronk

Haley getting her 5th grade diploma from her Principal

Haley with al the boys

Oh! What can I say! My Loves!!
Miss Cronk! You are an amazing 5th grade teacher! You have the unique ability to see the strengths in all your kids and use those to build each kid up and make them feel so important!
I am so honored and feel blessed that you have taught both of my kids! We will miss having you as a teacher! But remember... If I ever win the lottery.....
Awesome teacher!

Come on doesn't she look like fun?

Miss Cronk at field day! We will miss you!

Mrs. Aken! You are an amazing teacher, mom, and woman! You do it all! I know this year has been a doozy! You have continued to see the positives in my child when many times some times it was hard to see. You make science so much fun and cool! Your animals are awesome and it was our pleasure to dragon sit over spring break for the bearded dragon! You are such a hard working Christian woman! You continue to better yourself through going to school after you  have taught school all day! You are amazing and no wonder your kids have turned out awesome! Thank you for everything and for all of your support! I am super happy that my other kiddo will be having you next year for science! Look out!

She looks like fun huh? She is a hoot!

Many of Cody's teachers on his 7th/8th grade team this year! Amazing women!

Don't you wish your teachers had fun like this?

An Amazing woman! Mrs. Aken you Rock! (this is her snake - which by the way escaped out of it's cage like Houdini - I hope you find it!)

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child." -- Forest Witcraft

Cody and Haley - I love you both and I am so proud of you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flip Flop Frugal Find!

 getting to be HOT once again here in Southern AZ!
I will admit I can wear my flip flops all year long out here but when it is summer whew - I need my Flip-Flops!

I need to give a Big Thank you to my friend Mindy! As I was on the way to the mall she said oh don't forget about the dollar flip flops at Old Navy!

What?! $1.00 Flip Flops?

Well there was a limit to 5 pairs each and I had 3 kids and me, so you guessed it! We all bought 5 pairs and then divided them up when we got home.

A girl can never have too many pairs of flip flops.

I got a great idea from Raven over at A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers she found some adorable flip flops and they were super expensive!

She had a great idea to make our own!

I found these flip flops - which are super cute but run over $60! For Flip Flops?

We have been working on our own flip flops - I am pretty sure I only have $1.00 invested and I already had some of these crystals!

I took my white pair and decided to give it a little bling!

Love my glue gun! It is so good for so many things!

I decided to only bling out the top part since I figure I might end up popping the jewels off! I hope not we will see how it goes! They are super cute!

Remember my closet shoe organizer? Still using it and loving it with all my new flip flops in it!

Haley got in on the action as well! She took an older pair of flip flops and added some design to update the look! They turned out so cute!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What was I Thinking?

What was I thinking?
Oh yeah, this is my first love and I wanted to spend time with the kids.

Something you didn't know about me - I was the 1988 Class IV TN State Champion on the floor exercise in gymnastics! I know I know, quit your clapping!

Well, I LOVED gymnastics! I was a crazy person!

Haley has started gymnastics a few times and she is moving up slowing and learning good skills and work ethic on how to achieve something that isn't so easy.

Check out a fun day with the kids! ( I still have a few moves).

He has ALWAYS been a monkey!

Love that girl!

I bet you didn't know that about me huh?
Sore you ask?
Not at all 
Maybe a little! Let's just say I can tell I have built some muscle!
More than anything I am so happy to spend some great quality time with the kids and we weren't sitting on the couch. I am not very active these days with the recovering Valley Fever stuff - this was more like do something, sit down, lol do another sit down. 

But all in all - what a great hour with the kids!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Priceless Puppies

Who doesn't like cute sweet puppies?
Well my Mom LOVES them!

Check her website out Here!

She loves her dogs so much! She should -  she has 7!

Would you ever do something that could hurt these cute little babies?

Well she wouldn't even think about it!

We were talking one day about cleaning house, kids, dogs, etc. and I told her she should check out Shaklee because it is non-toxic.

Click Here Seriously to check out all the harmful stuff we all have or have had in our homes. Seriously takes like 1 minute to read it! 9 out of 10 poison exposures occur in the home.

And who more to get in trouble with chemicals and harmful products - very cute curious puppies!

She says it is so nice to not have to worry about her babies any more! She knows she can clean and not worry anymore because the Basic H2 (R) Organic Cleaner is non-toxic and she can use the wipes or the spray!

They are all so curious about everything!

Looks like big boy Parker (her oldest) and a cute little puppy are trying to chase her mop!

No worries! She is cleaning with non-toxic supplies. So she knows her puppies will go to homes healthy.

How sweet!

Are you interested in how to clean your house with great working non-toxic cleaners?

Not only does my mom use the cleaner she uses the Get Clean Laundry Detergent when she washes their bedding. She knows this is safe because it is hypoallergenic NO phosphates and NO chlorine.
Puppies Anyone?
She has 2 left!

If you are interested in puppies go check out T's-Mini-D's Puppies

To have a safe and clean home go Here to check out Shaklee

The best thing! Shaklee never tests on animals!