Monday, March 28, 2011

Science Fair Projects

When we moved to Arizona we specifically picked the school district we are currently in after doing a lot of research trying to find the best school district and best educational opportunities. Well sometimes it can be a double edge sword because you end up having to work on projects that you personally can't stand.

For our family that is SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS!! Those 3 dreaded words!

Although it isn't our favorite time of the year we take science fair seriously and I make my kids do their own projects. I will oversee the project and help monitor the progress but they are going to do it themselves. Here is one of Haley's projects feel free to use the idea for one of your kiddos.

Haley did Acetone fingernail polish remover vs. Non- Acetone fingernail polish remover - which one works best?

She took 6 fake nails (to use humans we would have had to get special permission) and she painted each nail and painted 2 coats of the same fingernail polish on each nail. She let each nail dry the same length of time.

She then took each nail polish remover and wiped each nail in single strokes until the polish was removed and you could see the white nail underneath. She counted each stroke and documented each nail. She did 3 nails each for both types of remover since this is recommended to test the accuracy of the test.

Her board is designed to document the scientific method. She covered the board in black paper (with a little help from me) to make it stand out and look different than everyone else's.

In the end her experiment demonstrated that the Acetone fingernail polish remover worked best. What do you think?


  1. very cool!!! Tell your scientist I love it!

  2. That sounds like an awesome project for a tween girl. And the board looks great. i like the little cotton balls holding things on - very appropriate touch.

  3. Oh, the days when I will have to do the dreaded science fairs :) Maybe I will enjoy it as much as you :)

  4. Take the idea take the idea! I can't stand science fair projects and in our district they are required to do them from 4th through 8th grade! So not once but 5 years and I have 2 kids! I hope to post some of the others as I stumble upon the pics.

  5. Hi, I think its a great idea... but what were her variables?