Friday, June 10, 2011

Operation Class Reunion

When you hear Class Reunion What do you Think?
Well I always think what am I going to wear?

Remember I was a cheerleader in high school? I always think I wasn't your average stereotyped cheerleader - maybe that is my wishful thinking but seriously how many cheerleaders are the editor of their yearbook staff? I hope I was as nice as I think I was.

Remember This? Tiny Cheerleader.

Here is my graduating Class 15 Years Ago!

I always think that most people can't wait to see the cheerleaders at the reunion - come on we all know what people are thinking and hoping. I wish it wasn't true so I always put this pressure on myself - like EAKS I have to put my best face forward! (OK so if you are going to be at my reunion act like you never read this blog).

So I have set out on Operation Class Reunion!

Remember my Self Tanning? Yep that's why! Remember that Fat Girl Skinny? Yep that's why!

So my Hair Fairy came to the house today and touched up my highlights! Love you Sheena! You are the best!

Now I am at a place of total confusion! I love to shop but I am at a lost of what to wear! I have to go shopping this weekend and I am just needing some good ideas!

First of all - our class reunion is going to be held on a Saturday evening at a lakeside Marina! Live Band, Great Food, Great Atmosphere! I can't wait! Now remember, my hubby and I well we went to school together - been together since we were 15 so we know all the same people - see why I can't wait? Makes it so much more exciting!

OK OK Back to Clothes! I know I have lots of bloggy friends with awesome style! I have lots of friends period with great style so I need your help!

I am pretty sure I am wearing Jeans - not sure if I am buying new jeans but none the less jeans.  As far as my top goes I  JUST DON'T KNOW! I am not a big fan of my arms but they probably aren't quiet as bad as I feel like they are.  I do tend to like a shirt that is fitted at the waste.

OK Seriously - I have searched on the Internet for hours trying to find examples. I can't even do that! Send me some links people! I need help for the perfect outfit!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm a TV Junkie!

I am a total TV Junkie! I can't help it - I love it!

Here is a little of what I LOVE!

WOW! What do you like to watch? I am sure I have missed a lot of what I love to watch but when they aren't in their regular season it slips my mind. However, it looks like we need a little more comedy and a little less drama and reality TV!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All About Looking Good- part 2 Things I have tried

OK - I can't believe I even bought this product but hey I wanted to see what it would do for me and what girl can't use a little help with getting some of that jiggly stuff to go away!? Don't be alarmed!! I promise to spare you any before and after shots!

I bought the dual pack of Slim and Bare it by bliss at Sephora. I decided if I was going to do it I might as well try both products. They do have some other products to go along with this line but I thought I would just try the scrub and lotion.

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks on average of 3-4 days a week. I try to use it morning and night but I do not recommend using the shower scrub right after shaving - not a great idea! It just burns.

Personally, I would not say that there is a drastic difference BUT this products doesn't claim to make all cellulite go away it says to reduce the appearance. So on that I have to say it has at least made me feel like the appearance of the cellulite on my legs is better than it was before. They seem a bit smoother overall.

Is it a must have? I wouldn't necessarily say that. I like how it makes my legs feel invigorated. Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I wouldn't necessarily be beating down the doors at Sephora the minute I run out but I do like the product and I think if you like a product and it makes you feel better about yourself then it is worth the money.

Depending on where you buy the product and whether you buy the kit or the products alone you are looking at around $38.00 and up.

So - have you ever tried this product? Have you tried one like this one? What has been your experience?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All About Looking Good - Or at least trying

Who Doesn't Like Having a Nice Tan?
I personally think I look much better with a little more color than I naturally have. However, first the sun causes so much damage to our skin when we lay out and second, for some reason lately any time I am in the sun for any length of time I seem to get sun poisoning (or something weird) because I break out like something awful!

SO.... I decided I would try a self-tanner at home. I have tried spray tan at a salon before and I loved the results but it can be a little pricey so I was looking for a little more affordable option. I have tried lotions before and I am just a true failure at those so I thought I would try a spray tan at home.

I decided to try The Banana Boat Summer color Self-Tanning  Mist.
It cost me $6.97 at Walmart and so I thought I would grab 2 cans because I honestly had no idea how much it would take and I didn't want to run out like half body!

Prep is super important! You need to make sure you have already shaved and exfoliated really well. I have a different different exfoliators I have tried and I will actually be sharing later in the week something I have tried out recently. After you exfoliate, I make sure that I have a damp towel or washcloth so I can wipe my hands or any mishaps right away!  Pay attention to elbows and knees because these areas tend to be drier and soak this stuff up! Also, I put a barrier on my feet around my heals and the really dry areas including between my toes and around the cuticles. I do the same thing on my hands as well. Remember the drier the areas are the more they soak the color up. After getting done with the spray I took my wet towel and wiped my feet really good and actually sat them in the tub and did another exfoliate on my heals to make sure they didn't soak the spray up (I know I am a little over the top but I don't want orange feet!)

I did the spray tan in my shower so I wouldn't get it all over the place. I turned on the vents, even though this does have a citrus scent (much better than most self tanners) it still is strong and seemed there was cloud of spray. As you can tell from the picture we have a big mirror which really helped me pay attention to what I was doing.

My pics below could have been better - but hey I am new at this and the ones of my arms (the second set) I know I could have done them the same direction but hey one was at night before I did it before bed and the after was when I woke up - so cut a girl some slack.  The color difference isn't drastic but the pictures don't quiet do it justice, I am darker but it isn't so dark if I had screwed up I would be in big trouble. It is natural looking and I am really happy. I might do a second application to see if it gradually gets darker.

Before                                    After


After I took my morning after shower I decided to try my new lotion I bought from Victoria Secrets. I tried this out because Raven over at A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers did a rave review I thought I have to try this! I did take some pics but my camera just doesn't show it good enough. This is a slightly colored lotion with some shimmer. It looks great and I love it! It was just enough to add a little bit of pick me up but it isn't like you see me sparkling a mile away! It is a nice summer pick me up and I think it complimented my new tan nicely.
Have you ever tried a self-tanner? How did it turn out? I am so curious to see how it turned out for all of you and what brands you tried!

Monday, June 6, 2011

105 Degrees! - Seriously!

It has been over a 100 degrees the last 3 days and today is pretty much looking to be about the same. Yesterday - They forecasted 105, I am not sure what it actually hit because once you hit 100 it really doesn't seem to matter! I know what you people are thinking, It is Arizona, it is a dry heat!

All I can say is - WHATEVER!

OK, so I wanted to give you a little example of what I do when it hits 100. This is my, It is over 100 degrees and I don't really care what you think, I want to be cute but I am miserable, LOOK.

** OK so I am terrible at taking self-pics and excuse my bathroom**

When it is over 100 I go with as little make-up as possible. It just melts right off and I have terrible skin to start with. Today's look, dab of concealer under the eyes, light dusting of powder, some mascara and a little lip gloss. Dang, I look tired in this pic - maybe I should have opted for a little more make up? oh well. (excuse my towels in the background - remember how I always try to save energy, yep gonna reuse those babies tomorrow!)

Sunglasses are a must! If is over a 100 you know that sun is blazing and you need good eye protection to protect your eyes.  Notice the hair? I totally admit this isn't my best look but I have VERY long hair and in this type of heat it just kills me. So after my shower I did a quick 60 second blow out of my roots and then took my damp hair and wrapped in knot in the back, put a few clips in the sides and put a head band on. This is neat, secured and ready to face 100 degrees!

 I get you can't see me very well (probably for the better) but because I am so dang short I had to stand on the tub to take the pic lol, I was just praying I didn't fall backwards, how I would I explain that to the hubby? I am lucky that I work somewhere that we have a very relaxed dress code even though we are a pretty professional place to work. So with this heat, I am wearing some of my breathable workout gear.

I would love to hear what you do when it gets scorching HOT!