Saturday, April 30, 2011


SO I totally understand that most of you will not understand my begging today BUT I do belong to a blog ranking site and yesterday they reset the voting!

Which means I could maybe just maybe move to the top of the rankings if all my friends VOTE for my site.
I don't win anything but at least I can feel a little better about myself and my site. Ha!

All you have to do is click and go vote!


Or you can click the Picket Fence picture on the right side of  my blog!
Please vote for me! You can also link this up to your facebook or twitter and ask your friends to vote for me! Super easy just a click!
OK, now that my begging and whining has come to a stop - thanks for coming by and checking out  my blog!
Have a wonderful Saturday!

Cotton Candy, Turkey Legs, and A Zipper - a Giant one!

You've heard me talk about my cleaning fairy right? Well she isn't just my cleaning fairy- she is one of my best friends! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

This day I invited my friend Mindy and her daugther Melaina to the fair with us. I had 40 rides to waste  get used up because I had bought these thinking the kids would have an awesome time at the county fair. Well, I didn't anticipate on not feeling the best and almost 90 degrees. Whew thank goodness these kids LOVE to ride rides!

Cody and Mindy getting ready to ride the ZIPPER - that big one I was talking about, no thank you!

Here they go!

Melaina and Haley - I love those girls!

Mindy and Cody - I did the "mom" thing and sat and held everyone's cotton candy, cell phones, you get the picture!

We love these youngins!

Before the log flume ride thingy

After - not too much damage but  you can't really see their wet shoes.

Excuse my crazy 80's hair, it was windy and I was just well, tired.

Oh he had been waiting for that mutten ALL day!

Guess they were too?

These are great kiddos!

That right there is my best friend Mindy - she is the best cleaning fairy E.V.E.R!!

It was a great day! Memories made! We have done the country fair every year since we moved to AZ. What do you do with your kids to make memories?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer Dress GIVEAWAY

Wanted to share with you this awesome FREE Giveaway! This one isn't mine but I had a blast picking out my favorite dress I would pick if I win! Visit the site and enter their free give away! Who doesn't like free?

Summer Dress GIVEAWAY

Searching for the Perfect Gift for your Mom!

Have you thought about what you are getting your Mom for Mother's Day?

We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves.
Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Henry Ward Beecher

I have the perfect awesome gift and it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Give your mom, your grandmother, your auntie, whomever something to make them feel great about themselves and to be pampered!

Enfuselle (R) Advanced Skin Care  is a great gift to give your mom so she can pamper herself! The products feel so great on your skin!

One of my person favorites is the  C+E Repair P.M. (R) - I personally saw a big difference in my fine lines and my skin felt like silk when I used it! I can't wait to buy my next tube because I am a big believer and trust me - I am super sensitive about my skin.

When I use the C+E Repair P.M. (R) I feel so revived and refreshed - no joke!

HaHaHa! I know I act like a dork but in all seriousness people! I love this stuff! I have tried LOTS of skin care products and this is the best thing I have ever used for fine lines and wrinkles. AND no parabens which makes me totally one HAPPY woman!

And you know what they say - If Momma Ain't Happy Nobody's Happy!

I love the Shower Gel and the Purifying Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner.  The smell is so light and refreshing, it's just what I want on a Spring and Summer day! Nothing too heavy!

OK, I know I said it is the gift that keeps on giving. Because right now Shaklee is currently running a special that if you spend $30.00 the membership fee is waived. AND there are never any minimums ever. So you can get your mom an AWESOME gift and the opportunity for her to try new products at member price with no cost to her! And she has no minimums to maintain her membership.

So get something for your mom! Get something for yourself! Get Pampered!

Shaklee isn't just about cleaning! This is a company that is about healthy living, nutrition, healthy homes, and a healthy earth!

They are the #1 Nutrition company in the U.S.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Fall Back Meal

Doesn't everyone have a fall back meal? You know one you can make super easy, without thinking, and it still tastes great!

Well one of mine is spaghetti!

I know what you are thinking... what makes this so special? Read on and find out my special ingredient - I learned it from my dad - yummo!

Start off with a good meat! It really makes a difference and the price difference isn't that much and this is so much better for you!

Brown it up good!

OK - can you see that white stuff? See it there on the meat? All sparkly? Do you know what that is?
SUGAR!!! Yes it is! I know seems weird huh? I normally put about 1/4 to 1/2 cup if I am only making a pound of meat with the sauce. I add it in after I have browned the meat and drained off any grease. Give it a try I promise it is so good!

Add in a little jar Ragu..

Trying to do my part to be "green" and recycle!

A good tasting, good for you pasta!

Who has pasta without some yummy rolls?

Here it is! YUMMO!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you box top?

Do you Box Top?

I ask because with all the budget cuts our schools need all the help they can get from any source they can get!

I used to just sort of rip out the box tops and turn them in. I found out from my sis (who used to coordinate this project at one of the schools) that someone has to neatly cut them on the dotted line. So from there on out I went ahead and took a little extra time to cut along the edges.

We all shop! So if you see these little box tops - clip them out! If you don't have kids, clip them out anyways! I know there is a school near you that would love if you dropped off a zip lock bag with box tops for their school!

This is a small way that each of us can make a difference in all our children's education!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PIMP My Ride!

OK people - we did it! We got a new vehicle!

My hubby took me out and we ended up getting a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder! I couldn't believe it and honestly I wasn't expecting it! It seats 7 - I am so excited!

We didn't opt for any fancy interior options but did make sure it is a 4X4 (hubby wanted it - I could care less!).

However, in my dream world I want to pimp my ride! I don't mean this in a "I am a totally spoiled brat kind of way" I get that I am so lucky and fortunate but a girl can dream right? So I want you to help me with ideas!!

Probably going to get my back windows super dark if not blacked out!

This is what the inside dash looks like exactly! The interior lighting on the dash is orange when turned on at night.

Should I get rims? If so what size? Do you like these?

Or something like these?

Replace the tail lights with some aftermarkets?

Something like these?

Seriously I am crazy but I want some interior lighting - just not sure what color. Blue?



Orange? remember my dash?

I want running boards really badly! I would almost go as far to say I need them since I am only 5 ft tall and it makes it so much easier to get in the car.

Something like these?

I get it trust me! These are my wishes and wants not my needs. But I am interested in what ideas you all have to Pimp my ride!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ok I admit it!

  1. I watched William and Kate on Lifetime...and I liked it.
  2. I have an obsession with making sure hot items (like curling iron) are turned off. Like serious issues have turned around and gone home to check (hahaha!). Drives my family crazy!
  3. I have road rage sometimes (wish I had a dart gun - just wished, not saying I would really do anything but ya know a dart gun would be nice).
  4. Can't stand the last little bit milk in the jug - you know the last 1/2 inch or so sitting there? I refuse to drink that.
  5.  I am NOT a fan of pot lucks! I like cookouts etc. but if we are having a church pot luck you will probably never see me eat at it. I am weirded out about eating homemade food from people maybe I don't know as well and seeing everyone else dip their spoons in it - well I know I am weird!
  6. I lick my eyeliner before putting it on! I know sounds weird - try it - goes on much smoother!
OK so there are a few of my weirdest things! I know I have plenty more! I want to hear something you do that seems out of the ordinary!