Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bad Blogger

I have been a really bad blogger friend! My life has been super busy and crazy the last week! So sorry to my bloggy friends!

One of the things that have been consuming my time (aside from my 2 crazy tweens) is my super awesome dog Nikki!

I have had Nikki for 9 years and she has been such a close companion and she loves back unconditionally! Now she will is a little grumpy and has done the occasional snippy at some kids if they bug her or she is grouchy but I say she is temperamental not aggressive in any way.

My super awesome doggie started acting weird the other day. Within a little bit of time I knew something wasn't right with her. I am her it person and she will do anything I ask her to do. When I asked her to go outside she didn't move from her bed. She still won't eat or drink or go outside to go potty.

I decided to take her to the vet. After xrays and an exam and $300 later we still don't know what is wrong. We elected to get the pain meds and wait on the blood work. It seems not good and some of you may hate me after this but she is my dog. I LOVE her, I mean I LOVE her but she is a dog and I have 2 kids and so there is a limit on the budget we have to work with when it comes to our animals ):

I tried to take her outside to go potty and she just laid down - nothing.

She doesn't want to move.

Rebel is trying to take care of her - it is so sweet! And sad.

So as you can see, my days are being more overwhelming than normal.

So I am a bad bad but Sad blogger right now.

Sorry if there are any gaps in my blogs but I am trying to take care of my doggie plus keep up with all my daily duties!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Judge Me - UPDATE

Last week I posted a really gross post about my carpets.
I used the Basic H2 Cleaner and the Get Clean Nature Bright in my shampooer and I went to work.

We a few days later I did our entire staircase which often gets neglected because it is so dang tough to do. Well, here it goes.

Before - see the spot? Look at the back part of the steps at the crease how dark.

After - SO much better!

Just spotty and dirty

After - I was really amazed once again!

I know it is just so gross! It makes me just cringe to think that all this dirt was on my floors!

Deep Cleaning - beginning stages

When's the last time you thought about cleaning these areas?
It does seem that the cleaning never ends. However, there are some things we don't have to take care of as often. But after you get through reading this post - you might agree with me that I need to do it a lot little more often! I have been on a mission to try to minimize our home while deep cleaning with safe non-toxic cleaners. Check out the Shaklee products! The free membership offer is going to run out soon!

How often do you change your air filters? I know it says every 90 days typically depending on which filters you buy. However, I think we change ours much more often! The dust out here in AZ is just crazy! I do splurge and get the more expensive filters because I want to make sure it catches everything!

Checking out the filter.

You can't see it in the picture but I was totally standing on the most sturdy chair ever! I never could get it all the way in and had to get the hubby to help me out!

The top of this fan is so disgusting!

I sprayed a little Basic H2 Cleaner on the cloth and went to work!

I know this is terrible! When's the last time you cleaned your fans?

Just a little something that came off the fan. I need to put this on my list to do every 2 weeks!

The Shaklee special will run out soon. Check out my site! Buy $30.00 worth of products at the membership price and you get a free membership! One thing I love about Shaklee is that there are no minimums to have to buy ever! You never feel pressured to buy anything! You only buy when you want or when you need.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Check out this give away! No strings attached!

Check out this giveaway at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers! I love her blog it is so awesome!

Savings, Cleaning, and Madness

Being a wife, a mother, a working mother, the list goes on and on. What doesn't change is HOW BUSY WE ARE!  It just seems the to-do list never ends. Part of this is because I will admit, I am type A, anal retentive, and over the top on some things. But I can't help that I just want my family to have the fullest life ever but on a budget!

I get asked a lot how I coupon, how do I get all the savings. Well.. Bottom line- it is a LOT of work. But it is work that pays off and pays us back!

It starts with LOTS of coupons.

My suggestion is to print your coupons off the Internet every week even if the items aren't on sale at the time. Normally the coupons do not expire for some time. I even print for items I may not normally buy because if I can get them free it is a great opportunity to try a new product or even get the products for free and donate them..

There are different websites I use to get coupons. Since I most shop at Fry's I also hit the blogs that give the details to the sales each week. I do try to link them up to my blog so you can visit the blogs as well. Here are a few I visit. Many of the blogs don't just highlight the stores I use, or stores on the West Coast - so make sure you check them out!

These are just a few of the sites I visit. Again, I print every week because often time the coupons you get this week will be something that goes on sale in a few weeks.

I also buy a Sunday paper every week. I have read that the rule of thumb is to buy one paper for each person in your house.

Make sure you print out and know your stores coupon policy. For instance Fry's is really special. Right now they make all manufacturer coupons a dollar. They also will accept competitor coupons and they will let you stack one competitor coupon on top of a manufactorer coupon. This can create really big savings!

Here's a tip - If you have a buy one get one free (BOGO) coupon and a store is having a BOGO sale - both items end of being FREE!!

OK here's another little dirty secret. Sometimes I go coupon shopping! I know I am insane. If I am in town and pass a grocery store and I have a few minutes I will go in and walk the aisles and if I see any peely coupons or tear off coupons I will go ahead and get some of the coupons to build my grocery shopping list.

Start organizing those coupons!
I took a BIG binder and bought business card holders (my mom suggested baseball card holders, may  be better!) and then I organized them into sheets of relevant items. I tried to make it where I could at least see a picture to make it quicker to get through while I am at the store.

It is Madness I know!

I went shopping with my list - I detail it to the cents. I try to have it as accurate as possible. I bought $296.99 worth of groceries and paid $88.02! Just a little of what I bought was 16 bags of potato chips, 10 Vitamin waters, 2 Boxes rice krispies, bananas, bread, milk, 4 - 6pk Diet Coke bottles, Kitty litter, cat food,, dog food, 5 boxes of pasta, 2 Ragu, 2 packages of sandwhich meat, 18 Power bar, 2 boxes granola bars and MORE!

Well I have covered couponing and part of our madness! I will post another post soon about cleaning!

One thing I have done is switched all of my cleaning products and my laundry and dish cleaners over to Safe, Non-Toxic Shaklee! I love it! The products are so concentrated that it isn't expensive to switch over and it is healthier for your home and for our environment! Right now till May 20th if you buy $30 worth of products at member price you will get a free membership with No minimums to buy ever! I promise once you try it you will love it! Check out my site at

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day - simply said

Mother's Day

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."
-- Agatha Christie

Thanks is  never enough to my Mom! She tought me how to be a woman, wife, and mother! Thank you for everything Mom!
I love you!
Mom and I in Puerto Rico in 2000

Brooke, Mom, and I - Many many years ago!

Being a Mom myself is the most wonderful thing in this world! I was made to be a mother. Some days I am better at it than others - but I know that God gave me the purpose in life to be a mom! There is no better gift in my life! Thank you to my hubby for making me a mother - twice!
The greatest 2 kids ever!

I love my grandmothers! Teaching me valuable lessons and loving my like my mother! Thank you Mamaw Shirley for everything you have ever done for me!

I miss you Mamaw Doris! You are living in God's Kingdom! We love and miss you!