Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nickel and Diming Me to Death!

Well the last month has been crazy busy!

The kids started back to school and I feel completely FLAT BROKE!

I love these two little boogers more than anything! Who says kids aren't expensive!?

My kids are a hoot!

This year we have fees here fees there! And of course I have one kiddo that wants to do everything she possibly can at school - this makes me very exhausted and broke happy to see that she wants to be involved.

Fees for school:

Activity fee - $1.00
Band Fee - $20.00 (yes she says she is playing the drums - oh so now we also have to buy drum sticks)
Sports Fee - $75.00 for cheerleading - then $75.00 when she start soccer - $75.00 when she starts, well you get the idea
Yearbooks anyone?
School Shirts?
Drama - not sure if there is a fee for this yet - can't we get free drama at home? JK
School lunches - running around $120/month for both kids

DONATIONS DONATIONS DONATIONS - clearly because our school systems have NO money.

This is just for Middle School - one of my besties has a daughter in high school and their activity fee for band is... WAIT....... yep a whopping $120.00 for each activity!

Of course we are doing our best to foot the bill because we want to give our kids the most opportunities possible.

What kind of fees do you have to pay for school?

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  1. Yes, I always say that our free public education is sure costing me a lot of money. You have school supply costs, activity fees (about $24 per kid), shirts ($7 per kid), lunch accounts, joining PTA, yearbooks ($25 per kid), fall pictures ($50 per kid) and on and on.

    And at TN High, their band fee is $600 so $120 doesn't sound so bad, huh?