Thursday, September 29, 2011

Times are Changing

Who says kids don't grow out of stuff?

I have been telling my hubby for several years to chill out about the clothes that my oldest loves to wear. He isn't a hoodlum, he is actually a really awesome kid. But he is well you know more of a skater, bmx'er kind of kid. And he dresses the part.

Remember this?

Adorable yes I know! But still a little slouchy and just not a lot of effort ( I know he is only 13).

But check this out!

YES I AM IN HEAVEN!  Not necessarily because of the store but nice clothes. As my hubby would say, and he did, you look like a respectable young man.

I couldn't believe he even walked in here with me let alone wanted some of their clothes.

Yep yep! There are my awesome kiddos! See my boy! He is wearing his Five Finger Death Punch shirt while he carries his Abercrombie bag lol.  He told me "I am still going to wear my other clothes" -well I would hope since I spent good money on the other stuff trying to keep you happy and half way trendy with your friends.

I kept telling my hubby it is a phase I promise! I think it is - almost convinced myself!  Maybe next - out go the skinny jeans! I can hope at least!

Hubby says it is a girl - haven't heard of a special one. Hubby insists  it's a girl. Boys don't change their entire look unless it is a girl.  We will see...

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