Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flip Flop Frugal Find!

 getting to be HOT once again here in Southern AZ!
I will admit I can wear my flip flops all year long out here but when it is summer whew - I need my Flip-Flops!

I need to give a Big Thank you to my friend Mindy! As I was on the way to the mall she said oh don't forget about the dollar flip flops at Old Navy!

What?! $1.00 Flip Flops?

Well there was a limit to 5 pairs each and I had 3 kids and me, so you guessed it! We all bought 5 pairs and then divided them up when we got home.

A girl can never have too many pairs of flip flops.

I got a great idea from Raven over at A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers she found some adorable flip flops and they were super expensive!

She had a great idea to make our own!

I found these flip flops - which are super cute but run over $60! For Flip Flops?

We have been working on our own flip flops - I am pretty sure I only have $1.00 invested and I already had some of these crystals!

I took my white pair and decided to give it a little bling!

Love my glue gun! It is so good for so many things!

I decided to only bling out the top part since I figure I might end up popping the jewels off! I hope not we will see how it goes! They are super cute!

Remember my closet shoe organizer? Still using it and loving it with all my new flip flops in it!

Haley got in on the action as well! She took an older pair of flip flops and added some design to update the look! They turned out so cute!


  1. LOVE flip flops! Would you believe I've never owned a pair from old navy?!

  2. LOVE IT!! I love doing stuff like that! :) Love the ones Haley did best! Love love love it! :)