Monday, June 27, 2011


So I have been absent for about 10 days! I know total blogging loser! But here is why!

We went home to Tennessee!!

I was able to pack both kids clothes for 10 days into each of their backpacks to save me $100 roundtrip because they carried them on!

Took our own snacks on the plane so we didn't have to buy the expensive ones in the airport or on the plane.

Getting excited to get on our first outbound plane!

Home in TN! So pretty and green!!

Haley even got to put pink streaks in her hair.

Hanging out with her cousin Anna!

Living it up on the playground!!

Cody too

Cody playing TN style!

And then just playing in Toys R Us

We had some pictures made while on vacation (more to come later!)

Just a little sneak peak

Went to my aunt and uncles lake house!

Is there any more fun?

Since we weren't in AZ we could have a fire to do smores.

Hanging out with cousins!

The perfect drink ever!

My cousin had this 3 person water balloon sling shot - it was the best thing ever! Here are the 3 most important men in my life! My dad, son, and hubby! They are trying to nail all the kids at the dock below!

And we had a lot of fun with these!

Cody, my sis, aunts, and uncle got in on the action!

We had a great time! A vacation really needed it was awesome! We also had our class reunion and celebrated our 15 year anniversary! I am sure I will post some more pics!

Missed my bloggy friends but boy I was busy!

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  1. i really wanna know about the reunion and see some pics! :)