Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping Anyone?

Do you like to shop?

I used to love going shopping and I do love getting new clothes but since I have been a little under the weather for the last several months it seems that my go go go attitude has totally changed and now I am more of - let me sit at home kind of person. Of course it doesn't help that I have to drive 45 minutes each way and it is over a 100 degrees and miserable outside.

I think I totally freaked my husband out when I didn't want to go shopping the other day. I was seriously almost dreading it.

We are going on a trip soon back to see our family and have our 15 year class reunion and you always want to feel and look your best. I finally drug myself to the mall by myself and here is a little of what I tried on and found.

Excuse the really ridiculous face I am making - obviously I was concentrating WAY to much on how to take the pic lol. I took these pics and then would send them to my hubby to get his vote on what he liked the best - I guess you could call that Virtual shopping?

This shirt is really adorable and not something I would typically pick out but I am trying to stretch my creative style and put something other than black and gray in my wardrobe. In this pic I put a gray tank underneath but didn't buy it. At home I went for a little more show and showed some skin- very odd for me and almost uncomfortable but seems the hubby liked it! (my 12 year son -not so much he kept looking like WTH)

This picture makes me laugh because I was trying on different jeans and I snapped this one and sent it to my hubby to ask how he thought it made my butt look - he replied I can't really tell in the pic. I ended up not getting these jeans but I think I liked them quiet a bit but a little pricey for me on that day.

I was at my favorite store - The Buckle! I love that place and it can get me in some serious trouble!

Where do you like to shop? What kind of styles do you tend to buy and do you struggle with switching it up and adding something new to your wardrobe?


  1. I like to do some shopping online, but never clothes. I have to try things on. Looks like you ended up with some cute things! You're in great shape too :)

  2. I love the Buckle but can rarely afford it :( I usually end up at Ross or Target!