Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fairy God Mother

Remember when we were kids? We had the tooth fairy, Tinker Bell, The Fairy God Mother. As we got older though life set in and all of our childhood fairies no longer were around.


I have the perfect fairy and I swear it is the best one of them ALL! I have my own CLEANING FAIRY! What more could a working or stay at home mom wish for?

This is my Cleaning Fairy! One of my best friends Mindy! I know everyone says don't mix business with pleasure but I have to honestly say this arrangement works out great for us!  I told her what I was looking for and what I needed done and she gave me a very fair price.

I have my cleaning fairy come about every 2 weeks sometimes 3 weeks depending on the condition of the house and paychecks etc. I don't ask her to do the nitty gritty cleaning like baseboards, ceiling fans, etc. She helps me with the stuff that allows me to get to the other stuff that doesn't have to be done regularly.

She normally vacuums my floors, sweeps and cleans my tile. She cleans my downstairs bathroom and my bathroom. She will strip my bed and remake it as well as do my laundry. I don't ask her to put it up since she doesn't know what drawer is what but she does fold it and lays it out in piles so all we have to do is put it up.

My bathroom takes her the longest because out in Arizona was have very hard water and so our glass shower doors really take it hard with all the film so she really digs in and it always looks so pretty when she gets done.

I don't have her clean the kids rooms or their bathroom (yuck! I did tackle it myself last night!!). She is there to help me not keep them from learning to take care of their own rooms and bathroom. However, because she helps me it frees up more of their time not having to help me so much.

Now, I will be the first one to say that I am LUCKY LUCKY to have a cleaning fairy. But if you think that it keeps me from having to stay up on the daily cleaning that really isn't the case. However, it does  make my days better because I know that I can do a quick vacuum or a quick sweep and it isn't going to be terrible because twice a month I am getting such a thorough job by my fairy! It helps me unbelievably keep up with the daily stuff and I can tackle some of the bigger stuff it is hard to get to.

I was told once that this was the best thing for moms. I have to agree and I have to say with 1000% certainty that this is some of the best money I spend every month. It helps  me keep it together and not fret so much when I might be a few loads of laundry behind.

If you don't have one already I encourage you to find your own cleaning fairy! Let them know what your budget is and see what they can do to help within that budget. Remember just because it isn't everything every little bit of help really makes a difference. If you are out in Arizona and don't have a fairy yet - I know a great one that is super dependable and does an awesome job and even folds your TP super cute! Give me a shout!

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