Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Than One Kind of Family

When you look up the definition of family there are many different versions to describe what a family is. One of my families is my church foundry. I started attending my church The Foundry back in the fall of 2008.

Our church was started by a planter church. Our pastor Ashley Evans and his wife Briggette felt the calling to be missionaries and uprooted and moved their entire family out to Tucson to minister to our community and teach about God.

Over the past few years we have taken part in many church activities. Our church is awesome at involving the community and reaching out to the families and youth to get everyone involved to have a great time while learning about God.
Pastor Ashley at Make a Difference Day - We planted trees for our local middle school! That was hard work!

Pastor Ashley at one of our Memorial Day celebrations - Our church honors and supports all of our military and veterans.

Pastor Ashley manning the grill! Not only can he grill but he can make a mean brisket!

Pastor Ashley, Mike, Matt, and Teresa helping out with UFC Day with Youth!
Our church's youth group is awesome! We call them G.I.F.T (God Inspired Foundry Teens).  We love our youth group!

Pastor Ashley as always doing an awesome job leading our youth group!
I think for many people life gets busy. Weekends are busy.  I love my church and I love my church family. Over the last couple of months I haven't been attending on Sunday afternoons like I should or would like. I can make every excuse possible but bottom line I should be there, I should have my family there. I know though however, that God loves me. God forgives me for any of my sins. I am fortunate that I have an unbelievable Pastor and church family!

Pastor Ashley and Briggette are an amazing asset to our community and I know that God spoke to them and placed them in our small community for a reason.

I encourage each and every one of you to find where  you are needed. Find where God is calling you! Know in your heart that just because you don't make it every Sunday that God still loves you and God still forgives you for your sins (when you ask).
Pastor Ashley and I at Corona Kids Camp in 2009

Pastor Ashley doing what he does best - Sharing God's Word! What an awesome pastor he is!

Pastor Ashley and our live nativity scene at our Christmas Eve Service

An unbelievable day of celebration as Pastor Ashley performed around 10 baptisms of our youth!

What a celebration!!

Pastor Ashley being a hoot with Cody and Dakota on a fall Sunday Cookout!
Thank you Pastor Ashley and Briggette for everything you have brought to our community! Thank you for your continued sacrifice to share God's word and provide a welcoming Church to anyone that wants to attend!

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  1. Sounds like you have an amazing church community! :)