Monday, March 7, 2011

Savings Savings Savings!!

I was thinking this pay period my grocery shopping may be a little more than what I wanted to spend. Fry's wasn't having any special Mega Ten Deals and no additional coupons but I still set out to do the best I could.

First I went to Safeway (it is only about 2 miles from Fry's so no next extra gas was wasted). They were having specials on the Gusher Fruit Snacks for .99/each when you buy 4. Safeway makes all coupons a dollar and I had 2 coupons for .55/off 2 boxes of Gushers which would be 2.00 off the 4 boxes. So on my first order I had 4 boxes of Gushers for $1.97 except I also had 9 $1.00 off coupons for Vitamin Water. But if I bought 10 I also got 2 additional items for free. When I checked out the Catalina coupons printed off a save $2.00 coupon for your next order AND a save $1.50 on your next 3 Gusher/fruit roll-up purchase. I ended up buying 16 boxes of Gushers, 10 Vitamin Waters, and 2 Smart Waters for only $2.37.
Even with only paying $2.37 I still had 3 $2.00 coupons off my next order and since Fry's is taking competitor coupons I used this $6.00 off my Fry's order.

I always search for coupons where there is XX of one item so that will be $1.00 off the one item and then I always try to pair with a competitor coupon so I can get even more off. I still have one $1.50 off my next 3 boxes of gushers so I might go back to Safeway tomorrow to get another round since they are practically free and normally at best they are $2.50 a box

In total I have $387 in groceries and spent $156!! As you can tell from the pics with this $156 spend I still bought a lot of stuff including 6 bottles of Tide detergent, 3 bags of cat food, 16 bottles of Propel Water, 10 bottles of Vitamin Water, 2 Smart Water, 16 boxes of Gushers, 6 boxes of General Mills cereal. Excedrin Extra Strength,  2 Degiorno Pizzas, 1 California Kitchen Pizzas, 5 packages of hamburger meat, a bag of shrimp and 1 bag of chicken breasts. 2 bottles of Pantene, Charmin toilet paper, and LOTS more!!

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