Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting it Done

Some days you just have to get it done!  I took some time off while the kids were on spring break because the kids were out of school and Haley had her birthday and I had mine all in the same week. So why not take some time off to spend with the kids and just get some things done!

We started the day off with two dental cleanings at 7:40 am and followed up with a quick but thorough trip to the grocery store. We were able to get home and I was able to get all the laundry caught up as well as cleaning up some of the clutter that has accumulated through the last week.

We then headed back into town to go to the second round of appointments. I decided since I was taking some time off I was going to try to get some of the kids much needed appointments done and getting their eyes checked is one of those things we often let slide.

Cody completing the depth perception test.

Haley taking her turn at 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6

Both kids got their eyes dilated. This is the first eye doctor I have gone too that they didn't charge us for the dilation. Turns out Cody needs some glasses for reading, video games, watching TV. Haley ended up not needing glasses this time which was the opposite from the last time we went to the eye dr.

We had a lot of fun trying on different frames.

He did really like these frames - you know big and chunky is the style now.

He was cracking us up with all his stylish faces!

We compromised with some glasses that are slightly bigger than these.

He is going to get some really cool Nike glasses that are black with lime green!

So I consider today a total success! Two mouths with super clean teeth, two sets of eyes totally checked out and a piece of mind to know that my kiddos are healthy! Being a mom is sometimes exhausting and trying to keep it all together and not forget something can sometimes be tough. But knowing that my kids are healthy and having a fun day out with them is worth all the running around and craziness!


  1. Oh the fun eye doctor trip. Stumbled on your blog and love that you have been married for so long to your high school sweetheart! I love stories like those :)

  2. Thank you so much Raven! Glad you found my blog and hope you come back! I am so random sometimes but that is the life I live!

  3. awww, he is getting glasses! They are so cool! :)

  4. Hi again! I tried emailing you back a few times but my email is being totally wackado so I just came back here real quick :) That story of you traveling with the kids makes me want to cry all over again lol! Thank the good Lord that you had seats for everyone, but still! All that traveling and those car seats and all that carry-on?? I feel for you!! Glad to have found you in this little blog world and look forward to getting to know more!