Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bandages, Breaks, and Band Aids

How often have you had to sit in the ER? Urgent Care? Had to drag your kid to the specialist?
It seems in our house something is always going on! Here are just a few of the crazy things we have had happen to our family! We always keep it interesting!

2009 Michael collapsed his lung!

2011 Cody broke his toe

It's ME! March 4, 2010 I was waiting to have my Epi-Lasik surgery - I can now see 20/15! It's the best money I have ever spent!!

Haley broke her arm in 2004

Michael broke his hand in 2009

This was one of the many bumps to the noggin that Cody has taken. This one was because he slipped on the tile in the kitchen. It was huge - the picture just doesn't quiet show it.

In 2007 Cody was messing with his Epi-Pen and clicked the button and shot himself in the thumb with the epi-pen when we were sitting in line at Walmart waiting to get the oil changed. I had to back my car out and call 911. They ended up taking him by ambulance 30 minutes up to Tucson since the thumb is small it cut all the blood supply off to his thumb and they had to warm it up or they would have had to inject it multiple times with some sort of reversal drug. Thankfully, the heat packs worked and the blood supply returned. This was super scary because his heart rate was through the roof!

Poor Haley! She has had strep throat so many times. This time was back about a year. She currently has strep right now!

Another broken hand!

It is always interesting in our house and you never know what is going to happen next!


  1. Omg you guys HAVE had a lot of breaks and stuff! holy cow!

  2. Yes we do it is crazy! For me to be the crazy over protective mom we still have lots of trips to the Dr.