Friday, April 1, 2011

Switching Teams

I have been working hard to cook healthier and easier. I bought a Foster Farms Whole Chicken because it was a great price and I thought I could cook it in the crock pot, which you can.

I had NO idea that the stuff you pull out of the middle of the chicken isn't it a cute little neat bag like it's Turkey counterpart!  I thought I might have to be a vegetarian after this experience.

Venture with me through my journey!

So nice and neat

Umm this is ok but still not my favorite but I did get the gloves out

I am not sure what I just pulled out and I was hoping I was done but nope lots more to go!

My FAVORITE friend! I used this so many times

More! I tried to get Haley to do it - told her it would be fun - hope she took pics.
Don't ask because I don't know what that is

Normally I have a fairly strong stomach but I really thought I wasn't going to get through this. Maybe because I haven't been feeling so well who knows but it was gross!

In to the crock pot finally!

Add some simple seasoning

Cooked overnight and Cody tried this morning and love it!

I told Cody that since he loves it if he wants me to ever cook it again he was have to de-gut? de-remove the really gross stuff inside? I mean come on people I am not a crappy mother the boy goes hunting with his dad and they enjoy that kind of stuff.... I hope.

Lesson Learned: Turkey - nice and neat little bag goes into the trash. Chicken - NOT SO MUCH!

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