Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Remember when you were a kid and you had your brother or sister and you just thought one minute they were the worst person and then the next minute what would you do without them? Well I have an older sister and there were many times I thought me might not make it out of our teen years without killing each other. One time when I was really little she made me eat a bar of soap (gag), there were many screaming battles with each other.

However, the older we get the closer I think  know we are. Since I turned 18 we pretty much haven't lived in the same area, pretty much not even the same state. The first several years she was in college and I was living the young married life so we didn't get to talk too much. Then we both started having babies. One a year for 4 years.

We probably talk almost every single day at least once, on the phone, via text, or email. Back in the fall we were planning a girls weekend to Scottsdale with some girlfriends and we were able to get her flown out from Kentucky to spend some time together. One of my other friends (Tess) went with us and we had a blast.

Brooke flew into Tucson and got to spend almost 2 days seeing my kids and spending time with Michael and me. And then we headed up to Scottsdale to enjoy some relaxation!

Brooke and my kiddos at our community park

My sis works so hard and she is also going to graduate school while running a household, helping her husband through graduate school and raising to kids herself! I decided since it was girl time we would stop at Ulta and have a makeover and get our brows waxed.

Nice Southern Arizona

I took Brooke down to Tombstone, AZ (yes the REAL Tombstone)

We went to the cemetery in Tombstone which is a must do stop if you ever visit. It's a donation to get in.

My super awesome man took us down to eat some awesome Mexican food! Yummo!  Talk about the real deal, we could see the border from the restaurant. It was delish!

On the way to Scottsdale we first ran into a BIG monsoon and then we ran into this dust storm (for the record I am terrified of dust storms and I was driving)

Our resort

It is so beautiful and the service is unbelievable! And I snagged a super good deal on priceline for $50.00/night

Living the life!

We headed out for some awesome Japanese food and entertainment at Benihana's

Ever hear of Sprinkles? Well Brooke hadn't - so we had to make a stop!

They are unbelievably delicious!

This was how my sister started her relaxing mornings.

What's vacation without heading to the casino and checking out their awesome food!

Oh yeah did I mention we stopped to get pedis?

I told everyone to step outside the box and go for a crazy color!

More yummy goodies at the casino

This is me at Dave and Busters - super good food and fabulous games!

We had a great weekend! I had to take her to the airport and drop her off and I sobbed teared up as we said bye. It has been 6 months since I have seen my sister. I hate living so far away but I am grateful for technology and the fact we get to talk and provide support to one another. I can't wait till June when I get to see her again!

I hope each of you have a brother or sister that you get to experience life with as I do!


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! :) I sooo want a cupcake right now! lol

  2. Ooo I always wanted to try a Sprinkles cupcake.

    How much was Benihana? My friend and I are going there in NYC and were curious on prices since it doesn't show them there a dish you recommend?