Sunday, May 1, 2011

Half Nelson? Double Leg? Sit out- Turn In?

Seriously, I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to wrestling. I mean I am not totally an idiot when it comes to sports. If you didn't recall I did quiet a bit of cheerleading back in the day!

Oh yes I know the hair!

I am the tiny person in the middle lol

See I wasn't kidding.

However, the sport of wrestling wasn't big where I grew up or at least it wasn't at my school we didn't even have a wrestling team, the closest we got to wrestling was... well you get the idea.

So when Cody asked me to take him to a wrestling practice I was super excited on one hand (because this child has never shown interests in sports other than skate boarding and BMX bike riding) but on the other hand I was like uh OK I guess because this is completely out of my league.

I couldn't believe it he loved it!

A couple of months back I had post about Cody breaking his toe? Yep, that was the first day of wrestling practice. But he loved it!

I love that he loves a sport! I love that he is learning to take instructions from someone other than us. I love that he is going to have to learn how to win and how to lose. BECAUSE I am not one of those moms that think everyone can win.

I know, I know, I might have just pissed some of you off and we are  all "winners" on the inside but let's face it in life there are winners and losers. It hurts, it motivates, it teaches us how to pick ourselves up and carry on OR lay down and give up.
OK so Cody is wearing blue shirts and grey t-shirt. I sent this pic to my sister and she said is he the one wearing the leotard? Uh Brooke, I don't think boys wear leos? She was like well that's what it looks like lol! OK I agree but I don't know what it is called because again I don't know ANYTHING about wrestling!

He isn't giving up here - I guess they are instructed to flatten out - who knows again, I am clueless!

I want for my kids to learn that some times there are people better than  us!  As a kid growing up there were several sports I was pretty good at. I competed gymnastics, I cheered, and I ran track.  I think there is a fine line between being confident and cocky. My dad always told me "don't forget, someone will always be faster, better, or smarter". I know that sounds harsh but he wanted us to be humble yet give it our all!

I am trying to give it my all for my kids. BUT I just don't understand this wrestling stuff! Cody had a "meet" but it was an open meet which meant they didn't award winners or losers, it was kind of like you get taken down they stand you back up and go again.

First moment of terrible loser momma -  We show up and I didn't realize they had to weigh in. I hadn't prepared him mentally for this! I like to give them a mental picture when they are heading into new things so they can be prepared get some of their nerves out if they know what to expect. Fabulous!  As I sit there I kind of see the boys going in and out of the room and notice it is like they are putting their clothes on. FREAK OUT MOMENT! I texted my hubby and was like do they have to get undressed when they weigh in? Probably he responds (he used to be a boxer) - Holy cow I didn't prepare him for this at all! He is going to have to undress what?! My husband assured  me to quit freaking out he would be OK. Ugh! Loser Mom!

Because Cody is SO new I knew this probably was going to be a learning experience. My sister asked me how he was doing and I texted her back and said " I  HAVE NO IDEA!" I felt like the total loser because I couldn't tell if my kid was kicking butt or getting his handed to him! Probably for the better.

None the less - winner or loser, I told him I want him to give it his all! And that he did, I am one lost proud momma!
He was trying so HARD! I was told this kid in the red was a State Champion- WAY after the fact my kid that has only been wrestling for 2 months had to endure countless "interactions" with him on the mat! Character building right?

Now maybe I should order Wrestling for Dummies so I can be a good cheerleader for my kiddo!

This is how the evening ended. Looks like it hurts - he said it didn't - Zanex anyone?

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  1. New follower here just wanted to say hi! I love Shaklee too, so neat to find other people who do as well. Oh and I would have been freaking out the whole time watching them roll around and pin each other down. Yeah I would have been that crazy mom screaming even though I would have no idea what was going on!