Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All About Looking Good- part 2 Things I have tried

OK - I can't believe I even bought this product but hey I wanted to see what it would do for me and what girl can't use a little help with getting some of that jiggly stuff to go away!? Don't be alarmed!! I promise to spare you any before and after shots!

I bought the dual pack of Slim and Bare it by bliss at Sephora. I decided if I was going to do it I might as well try both products. They do have some other products to go along with this line but I thought I would just try the scrub and lotion.

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks on average of 3-4 days a week. I try to use it morning and night but I do not recommend using the shower scrub right after shaving - not a great idea! It just burns.

Personally, I would not say that there is a drastic difference BUT this products doesn't claim to make all cellulite go away it says to reduce the appearance. So on that I have to say it has at least made me feel like the appearance of the cellulite on my legs is better than it was before. They seem a bit smoother overall.

Is it a must have? I wouldn't necessarily say that. I like how it makes my legs feel invigorated. Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I wouldn't necessarily be beating down the doors at Sephora the minute I run out but I do like the product and I think if you like a product and it makes you feel better about yourself then it is worth the money.

Depending on where you buy the product and whether you buy the kit or the products alone you are looking at around $38.00 and up.

So - have you ever tried this product? Have you tried one like this one? What has been your experience?

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