Monday, June 6, 2011

105 Degrees! - Seriously!

It has been over a 100 degrees the last 3 days and today is pretty much looking to be about the same. Yesterday - They forecasted 105, I am not sure what it actually hit because once you hit 100 it really doesn't seem to matter! I know what you people are thinking, It is Arizona, it is a dry heat!

All I can say is - WHATEVER!

OK, so I wanted to give you a little example of what I do when it hits 100. This is my, It is over 100 degrees and I don't really care what you think, I want to be cute but I am miserable, LOOK.

** OK so I am terrible at taking self-pics and excuse my bathroom**

When it is over 100 I go with as little make-up as possible. It just melts right off and I have terrible skin to start with. Today's look, dab of concealer under the eyes, light dusting of powder, some mascara and a little lip gloss. Dang, I look tired in this pic - maybe I should have opted for a little more make up? oh well. (excuse my towels in the background - remember how I always try to save energy, yep gonna reuse those babies tomorrow!)

Sunglasses are a must! If is over a 100 you know that sun is blazing and you need good eye protection to protect your eyes.  Notice the hair? I totally admit this isn't my best look but I have VERY long hair and in this type of heat it just kills me. So after my shower I did a quick 60 second blow out of my roots and then took my damp hair and wrapped in knot in the back, put a few clips in the sides and put a head band on. This is neat, secured and ready to face 100 degrees!

 I get you can't see me very well (probably for the better) but because I am so dang short I had to stand on the tub to take the pic lol, I was just praying I didn't fall backwards, how I would I explain that to the hubby? I am lucky that I work somewhere that we have a very relaxed dress code even though we are a pretty professional place to work. So with this heat, I am wearing some of my breathable workout gear.

I would love to hear what you do when it gets scorching HOT! 


  1. You forgot SUNSCREEN!

  2. Well you are right Brooke (leave it to my older sis lol!)I did forget to mention it but I didn't forget to put it on! I do always make sure that I have sunscreen especially on my face (although we should apply a good amount after we get out of the shower to make sure we have great coverage everywhere. My make-up contains sunscreen as well as my moisterizer. So don't forget your sunscreen no matter where you live! If you live in AZ our UV index is the 3rd highest in the world!

  3. I live in New England, but it still gets pretty hot in the summer. When it is really hot I also have to put my hair in a ponytail, it's a MUST, my hair is long too.
    I wear sunglasses all the time, well not ALL the time, but my eyes are super sensitive to light.
    I hate the heat and sweat a lot and I hate to sweat, UGH.
    (We also reuse our towels)
    Right now it's only 76 here.

  4. Ugh, it has been 95 here! I thought THAT was hot! The kids have been asking me to play outside in the sprinkler but I was kind of hoping it would cool down and let them play out there around supper time. It is just so stinking hot!!! We were in Kansas last weekend and it is definitely a temperature change in climate there. They are so much dryer and hotter. It is more humid in Omaha.