Friday, June 10, 2011

Operation Class Reunion

When you hear Class Reunion What do you Think?
Well I always think what am I going to wear?

Remember I was a cheerleader in high school? I always think I wasn't your average stereotyped cheerleader - maybe that is my wishful thinking but seriously how many cheerleaders are the editor of their yearbook staff? I hope I was as nice as I think I was.

Remember This? Tiny Cheerleader.

Here is my graduating Class 15 Years Ago!

I always think that most people can't wait to see the cheerleaders at the reunion - come on we all know what people are thinking and hoping. I wish it wasn't true so I always put this pressure on myself - like EAKS I have to put my best face forward! (OK so if you are going to be at my reunion act like you never read this blog).

So I have set out on Operation Class Reunion!

Remember my Self Tanning? Yep that's why! Remember that Fat Girl Skinny? Yep that's why!

So my Hair Fairy came to the house today and touched up my highlights! Love you Sheena! You are the best!

Now I am at a place of total confusion! I love to shop but I am at a lost of what to wear! I have to go shopping this weekend and I am just needing some good ideas!

First of all - our class reunion is going to be held on a Saturday evening at a lakeside Marina! Live Band, Great Food, Great Atmosphere! I can't wait! Now remember, my hubby and I well we went to school together - been together since we were 15 so we know all the same people - see why I can't wait? Makes it so much more exciting!

OK OK Back to Clothes! I know I have lots of bloggy friends with awesome style! I have lots of friends period with great style so I need your help!

I am pretty sure I am wearing Jeans - not sure if I am buying new jeans but none the less jeans.  As far as my top goes I  JUST DON'T KNOW! I am not a big fan of my arms but they probably aren't quiet as bad as I feel like they are.  I do tend to like a shirt that is fitted at the waste.

OK Seriously - I have searched on the Internet for hours trying to find examples. I can't even do that! Send me some links people! I need help for the perfect outfit!

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  1. aeropostale! I love the way the jeans and shirts fit.