Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flying the Friendly Skies

Do you Fly?
I have flown over 35+ times and it NEVER gets easier for me. It is actually quiet the opposite. It seems the older I get the more my anxiety just gets worse when I think about flying.
This is pretty bad when you live 2000 miles from your family!
We are going to be flying Delta which I am happy about just because they  have WIFI and a movie on our flight! Do you like flying? Do you like looking out the window? I keep the shade down thank you.

Wouldn't it be awesome to fly first class in style like this? Oh my gosh I could almost maybe sleep if I had this much room!

Unfortunately this is how we will be traveling - all cramped and one of us separated from the others across the aisle (that will probably be me).

Flying would probably go better if I would have a couple of these tasty lemon drops! However, I am not a big drinker and loading up with my kids in tow on an airplane probably isn't the best idea dang it.

I did however opt to call my Dr. and go this route. I aint ashamed are you kidding me? I normally make myself suffer through my anxiety and just deal with it - kind of my own personal form of therapy. BUT this time I just decided it isn't worth it and I don't want to be miserable! I am not sure what she gave me yet but I hope it works!

So do you have any phobias? I know it seems crazy I just am terrified of flying.



  1. I don't mind the flight. I HATE landings. I'm just afraid that big ole plane isn't going to stop at the end. But really my biggest phobia is of fire. I'm scared to death that my house will catch on fire (really I'm not even a big fan of the oven either). There, you know my secrets now.

  2. I hear ya, we are heading to the airport right now. Coming back to arizona. I hate the take off and landing. Don't need any pills but probably should, lol. Looking forward to being home though. Good luck and Godspeed with your trip to Tennessee. Oh and my secret is PRAY!