Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frugal and Stretching Every Dollar!

As you probably can tell I am about being frugal and trying to get the best deals to stretch our money as far as we can! We have all sorts of goals in life (more on that later some time) but I try to make sure we are as efficient as possible with our money.

Do you do REBATES?

We went to get the oil changed in the truck (just too hot and didn't have time for hubby to change - because we normally do that to save money) and they said we received a rebate on the oil they used.

Never heard of this but we took it!

I think many people forget to send the rebates in and then that is lost money!

BIG Savings off the oil change!

Make sure you read the form and the fine print for all the information required. Normally it isn't too bad - maybe the form and the receipt. Now if I need the receipt for something like tax purposes I always  make a copy and keep the copy for myself and send them the original.

I hear people say they don't really care about using coupons or rebates and trust me I totally understand the work that goes into and the hassle but this is OUR MONEY PEOPLE! I always tell my kids when they pass up a penny on the street that you would never just go throw money away! Same thing with coupons and rebates - it's like throwing your money away!

Do you shop online? Check out Ebates!


  1. These days rebates are easier than ever it seems - just a few minutes for sometimes all your money back. Good job!

  2. I'm with you!! I'm all about the coupons and rebates and whatever else I can do to save money :)