Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ritz Carlton = Frugal

Ritz Carlton = Frugal
How is it you ask?

I often blog about ways to save money and how to be frugal. So I am sure you all think I am a big fat liar when I say that I stayed at the Ritz Carlton and it was frugal.

WELL... let me give you a little peak how.

OK it would have been so easy to just put it all on the Discover Card! But that sure wouldn't be frugal.

However, I do have a Discover Card and just like this Pink one- isn't it so cool and girlie?

Well we put almost everything we can on the Discover Card every month and I pay it online through my online bill pay every couple of days. That way we pay no interest but we get lots of points!

I used my last 2 months of Discover Card points to pay for a little mini-vaca with Haley at the Ritz Carlton. Just a cool way to be frugal but get some really awesome treats while building memories!

The last 2 years the boys have gone on what seems their annual hunting trip to Texas ( I will spare you the dead hog pictures).
So this year I decided Haley and I would take a little vaca. I got a one night stay family package for $199/night (remember I used my Discover points to pay for it). Haley got to eat free and a friend AND I had a $50 resort credit to use towards my food.

Somehow we ended up with a Casita and we weren't even in the main hotel lodge - guess it was our lucky day?

This had the deepest bathtub I have ever seen!

One door shower and one door toilet  - it was crazy!

The shower was crazy awesome!

Notice that really cool TV that you can watch while taking a bath?

Love this mirror!

Oh yeah baby- the whole reason I picked this resort - the WATERSLIDE! And yes I went down it too!

Doesn't take much to impress this simple country girl!

View from lunch

Again doesn't take much to impress us!

Oh yeah baby! Oh wait that's right I had 2 kids with me- Coke it was! But pretty impressive huh?

Infinity pool at sunset

I loved the fire bowls! They were everywhere and it was just gorgeous!

Oh I forgot to mention we had a visitor on our porch! It was SO GROSS!

The Infinity pool was lit up gorgeous at night.

So remember when trying to think of some great vacation ideas - think outside the box, have a stay-cation - check out the local deals that include meals, use your credit card points! Make the most and be frugal and Make some Memories!


  1. If I saw that thing on my porch I would die, I would drop dead right there, LOL.

  2. Girl...I am confused...Have you not stayed at any of the Biltmores? Hilton Suites? Or Resorts? I do not know why I thought you traveled as much as I do.

  3. EWwwwwwwwwww. You did not need to show us that spider. SICK!!

    I have that same Discover card too :)

  4. You did not show us that spider...ack! LOVE the tv in the bathroom....TO DIE FOR!

  5. Also I thought Discover only did cash back??? I'll have to check into it for points!

  6. so I had a million things to say and then you go and show me that NASTY furry creature and I lost all train of thought.

    let me get it back...GROSS

    we do that with also with our Marriott Visa card, use it like crazy (within means) and then pay it off, gets us lots of points to use on free vacas!

    I LOVE the Ritz Carlton! So nice. Loved the pics, glad you got to have a little mini getaway!!