Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer - Sports - Hot Bodies

It's that time of year again! Summer is here! Bikini's are coming out, seems everyone is trying to look their best, feel their best, and get in shape to live a healthier lifestyle! I want a HOT body!

I am super excited to share some very exciting news that Shaklee has to offer!

Join with $70 Product Order and Get a FREE Sports Nutrition Pack!

Free Sports Nutrition Pack

    For a limited time, everyone you sponsor with a $70 product order or any GOLD Pak, will receive this great combination of products, with a retail value of $75, FREE*:
  • One pack of Shaklee Energy Chews
  • One 30 oz. canister of Shaklee Physique® (Natural Banana flavor)
  • One 19 oz. canister of Shaklee Performance® (Natural Orange flavor)
  • One Shaklee Sports Nutrition™ brochure.*
Do you need energy before you work out? NO PROBLEM!
Do you need something to re-hydrate you after you work out? NO PROBLEM!
Do you want to build lean strong muscles? NO PROBLEM!

Shaklee has you covered! Check it out HERE!!

I know I have told you about Shaklee's Awesome Vitalizer Packs! These vitamins are awesome and I can personally say that since starting to take the Vitalizer I have felt so much better and have so much more energy!

Just take a couple of minutes to check it out! Better Health is something so many of us are striving to achieve and maintain.

** With this Special Deal - if you purchase $70 worth of product with a Shaklee membership, you will get FREE Sports Nutrition Pack ($75 value) AND you will get a Lawson's Healthy Living Special! **

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