Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grand Party - Frozen Drinks - Super Yummy!

  Grand Party #2!!   Give it a look!

I am trying to help a friend earn an awesome trip for her and her husband! She is a Tastefully Simple Consultant and she does this so she can be a stay at home mom while her husband serves in the U.S. Army. As a matter of fact Fran and her husband both served with my hubby while he was in the Army and they even had a couple of deployments together!

I wanted to help her out since her hubby has been gone a lot (and is away at a school right now!) and he will be having to deploy again in about a year!

Doesn't this Watermelon Margarita Mix Look super yummy? I bought this along with the Lovin Lemon Slush Mix! Add Rum or Vodka and freeze or you can make it a non-alcoholic drink with adding water and freezing! I am super excited I love lemon drops! Each mix is only $9.99!  Come on check out all the goodies!  It's super hot out there people a yummy frozen drink is just what you need and your friends would love one too!
Want to help me help a friend? And get this - you totally get something awesome in return too! Great food items or drinks! They have some great items on sale as well. Do me a huge favor and just check it out! If you don't see something or can't do it this payday I totally understand but just do me a favor and take a quick look!

If you want to place an order online....go to this web site
Tastefully Simple Grand Party #2

Shop and add whatever you want to your cart. When you are ready to check out...

On the check out screen all you have to do is click the little red button on the lower right hand of screen that says FIND HOST/EVENT and new window will pop up. Type in-
LAST NAME: Party #2
(It's super easy when you check out!)

That is Your Friend!!!!!!
Thanks so much for all your help!!

PS. SHOUT it out if you helped your friend! So that we can keep track of who ordered for who!!!!  Shoot me an email at if you place an order so I can let Fran know!

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  1. yum! I love the cheesy biscuits! :) My friend Jen sells it and I love it! :) Erin