Thursday, September 22, 2011

Being Prepared, Thinking Ahead, Saving LOTS of money!

I will say that I shop a LOT! Now that doesn't mean I buy a lot but I think you have to be out there to find the deals and snag the deals.

I do not buy stuff to randomly buy stuff because that does not save us any money. However, there are some things that I know we are going to use and I might as well stock up at a killer price while I can.

I always check out Target and Walmart several weeks after school starts pretty much around Labor Day. SCORE! See the notebooks? $.10 each at Target! The bigger 5 subject notebooks I was able to get for $1.37 each! Now one thing I know is my kids will need more throughout the year and if we still have some left next year even better!

We also needs lots of paper and folders. The folders I was able to get for $.05 each and the notebook paper for $.18 each!!

Ok so the pic is upside down but here are some pencil pouches that I picked up for $.75 each which were 75% off! I bought several because the kids need them and I also may give them to my Christmas Angels with some school supplies to go along with their cool gifts!

So anywho... to snag the deals you have to be out to grab the deals. So just pop in and out with an agenda to not buy anything that you won't use and to not buy anything that isn't clearance. It is surely a scoping trip! I try to sit on it a day or so to make sure I don't impulse buy but there are some times when I just have to snag the deals!

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  1. I love shopping ahead! :) I do this too and organize them in plastic totes. :) Love it!

    I got my TOM'S today! YAY!!!!!!