Friday, September 23, 2011

Snack Ideas - Good for Ya AND Not so much!

Well I have two really easy snack ideas and one is yummy for your tummy! And one is great for you and tastes great too!

I want to give a shout out to my sis Brooke! If you haven't ever checked out her blog please go visit her HERE!!!

It's been a couple of weeks since her last post but she is busy busy like me!

Ok - well my oldest isn't a big fan of cake so when his birthday was coming up I geeze what am going to make. I was talking to my sis and said he loves brownies and cookies I will just make that. She gave me the great idea of doing both!

Take cookie dough from a tube and flatten on the bottom of the pan (I just got a disposable one to make it simple)

I then mixed up one batch of brownie mix and poured over the top.

It was so yummy!

I put it in the oven on the lowest temperature between the two which I do believe was the cookie dough. I set the timer for the shortest amount of time and just kept checking it. Doesn't it just look yummy? Well it tasted even better!  Mine did come out a little gooey but that is how we like it but I could have left in a little longer and it still would have been fine.

Super easy, super quick, and SUPER YUMMY!

Ok this snack or meal idea is SUPER easy too!

I just got a bag of romaine lettuce and put in a big bin. I cut up veggies and put them in the divided dish. I had made some fajita meat on the indoor grill and cut into cubes. I also did fry up some bacon while I was cutting up everything (ok so not so healthy but you can leave it out) and I just placed everything in a grab what ya want kind of dish.

It was super awesome everyone could make a salad or just have veggies to snack on and the mess was minimal and this was super healthy, easy, and it was a hit!

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