Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kindness of Others

This past weekend really gave me that little nudge I needed to remind me that there are great people in this world and people that look out for others.

Friday I went to Target on my lunch break and I was just grabbing a few things and her over the loud speaker.... Shanna .... please come to the service desk.

Hhhmm.... Now I was thinking. Does anyone even know I am here? Did they really say my name? I slowly walked towards the service desk thinking what in the world do they want me for? Did they see me taking some of the peelie coupons off the boxes for my future shopping trips?  Surely there is no harm in that!?

Remember this really cute card of mine?

Well I guess I left it in my lap after I went through Sonic to get my  liquid heaven. I always have a habit of putting my card in before driving off but my hubby had called and I was just not in my routine.

Someone had found my card and returned it inside! Can you believe that?! I live in the number one State for identity theft and someone was nice enough to turn it in! 

When I went to my car this is what I found.

I challenge you to do something nice for someone today!

A random act of kindness can really make someone smile. Please take a moment to do something nice. It doesn't have to be big but it is amazing knowing you made someone else smile.

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  1. ok, that is so totally awesome Shanna!! Gives one back faith that there ARE really nice people out there :) You have made my day with this post!