Monday, January 31, 2011

Squealin and Dealin!

Well I was planning on writing something that was unique and uplifting tonight after work but instead I can't help but want to share the awesome deals I got at the store. I dropped Haley off at gymnastics and the countdown was on to get everything done in an hour! Because everything is in a loop within about 2 or 3 miles of each other my plan was going to work perfectly!

I stopped at Safeway first. I had 4 manufacturer coupons for buy one Hershey bar get one free. Plus Safeway was having a sale of buy 2 get 2 free. So I ended up getting all 8 Hershey bars completely FREE!

Next I swung around to Fry's to take advantage of the sale that is still going on.

This is $142 worth of groceries for $34.63! I was so happy with my deals. Tonight I was able to get 8 Hershey bars, 5 Gatorade pre-energy drinks, an 8 pk of Gatorade, 12 Propel Waters, 4 different Fruit Cups, 3 boxes of Jello, 2 cans of Cashew nuts, a 12 pk of Dr. Pepper, 2 Ragu Sauces, 6 pk of Snapple, Snyders Pretzels, California Pizza, Dove Conditioner, Some sort of Ramen thing, Jet Dry, 2 Pace Picante Sauces, 2 TGI Friday Frozen Dinners, and 2 packages of Keebler cookies. 

Most of this was part of the 10 items save $5.00 but I also had manufacturer coupons and I stacked them with coupons from Target. Target has a coupon for buy 2 keebler cookies save a dollar, as well as buy 2 TGI Friday frozen skillet meals and save 4 dollars! Check it out and start stacking the coupons.

For my friends that does not have a Fry's check your local Kroger store for their deals. Fry's is part of the Kroger family and Fry's does have some of the best deal ever but the other Kroger family grocery stores have a lot of good sales going on as well!

Ok ok, I hope tomorrow to provide something more fulfilling than me just getting great deals! Haley was so excited that her and I split one of the Hershey bars (don't count the ones in the picture, there is one missing!) on the way home from gymnastics. 


  1. THAT is amazing!!!! wow! What is your sales tax on food there? you have amazing talent there!!!

  2. Well we are very lucky to have zero sales tax on any food items. I think the sales tax on everything else and like bakery items is 9.1% but when I get food there are no tax. Thanks I can totally teach you how to do it! It does take work but the more you do it the quicker you can spot the deals!