Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Did I Say??

I was so excited this morning about what I was going to blog about! I had it all planned out in my head and I wanted to share my excitement about my cleaning fairy coming today! (which let me add, for a mom's sanity it is the best thing ever and I have the best cleaning fairy ever - you know who you are!)

BUT..... while trying to get myself ready for work as well as my two tweens my plans just went flying out the window.

As I was trying to get out the door for work my oldest came walking down the steps and I said come on down. He decided to try to assert some independence and take a stand (or sit) by sitting down on the middle of the steps. I looked at him and said please come down here and he so kindly told me he didn't feel like it. Dilemma Dilemma!


Well at this point it was on. I was telling myself this isn't a power struggle. It is my house, I am the parent, he is the kid. If it was just that easy and that actually worked.

We were already discussing the fact that his Xbox would have to wait until he could bring one of his grades back up. But now I have an awesome Xbox 360 that I might just have to learn to play since it will have a new home in my bedroom.

The morning went from bad to worse when I realized while kissing him on the head goodbye that he hadn't washed his hair. In these moments I think what did I yell say? How many times have we had this same discussion? Don't get me wrong I am so happy and thrilled and I see the positive in the fact that my tweens like taking showers, they don't refuse, and it isn't a battle to actually get them in the shower. However, it seems to be an ongoing issue to get the shampoo from the bottle onto the hair (and to get the toothbrush to the teeth).

I took a deep breath and told him that I hoped he could wipe the slate clean and start his Tuesday over and have a Terrific Tuesday ( I am sure he was thinking the same thing to me), and we would discuss this mornings events later this afternoon (after he attended afterschool tutoring).

I try to remind myself it isn't their person vingeance against me and he is plotting some dirt covered, greasy hair attack against me personally. They are just simply tweens trying to find themselves, making mistakes, and thank goodness they have parents that are so willing to help them find their place when they have stepped out of line.

Who knows what this afternoon will hold and what the outcome will be. But for all of you moms that are struggling with attitudes, snubbed up noses, and kids that look at you like they want to burn a hole right through you - you are not alone. My sister often reminds me that if my kids are always happy with me, I apparently am not be doing my job. I love my kids and I love my life, I share this today because I know I am not alone in my struggles to raise 2 tweens and I hope my struggles provide you with some comfort in knowing you are not alone either.

Anyone know any fun Xbox games?

"If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent.  ~Bette Davis"


  1. Oh my. What happened to my sweet little Cody? I think you should go rent a fun game like Just Dance and have a blast. Let him see you having fun with it. More inspiration to get those grades up!!!

  2. Oh Erin - what do I even say except watch out! You know sometimes their actions are so out of character that when it happens I have just taken aback to what happened to my sweet child. But I remember they are still there just being smothered by the tween/teen years. They will re-emerge later on I am sure of it!

  3. oh how i feel your pain!!! my spenser is only 10, but i know those looks that can burn a whole thru you. i am constantly telling my spens to put on his deo. i seriously will smell his head, his hind end and breath to make sure all areas are clean. ha ha! this morning was a bad morning for us. i yelled all the way to their before school daycare. i even had to call there and ask to speak to him i felt so guilty about it. i love the quote btw and i'm gonna steal it! :)

  4. Good luck Sherrie! I know each morning is a battle to get everyone ready and out the door! I often find myself apologizing as well for losing my cool! It's always a little comforting to know as a mom we aren't alone in our struggles!