Monday, February 28, 2011

Are You Running Out of Gas?

Are you running out of Gas? Or maybe just buying gas to put in your car makes you want to run outside and scream! I know that we are all feeling the pinch as the gas prices start to climb. I drive a Jetta and I actually get really good gas mileage around 28-32 mpg.

My husband on the other hand drives a Ford F150 Supercab and as you can imagine he doesn't get such good gas mileage. I honestly haven't even asked him but he has to fill up about once a week and this last time it was over $72.00! So when it takes more money to fill the gas tank something else will have to give. I saw this picture and thought it was great and wanted to share!
I was totally cracking  up when I saw this picture but it really does feel this way sometimes when we are left standing at the pump. I wanted to share some advice I have received over the years and some of this information can be found on many websites if you just google about conserving gas.

  1. First make sure you have taken any unnecessary weight out of your car. I used to have all sorts of junk in my trunk (lol) but I then took it out when I realized that it was more weight to drive around and I would burn more gas.
  2. Make sure you know where the cheapest gas is sold. There are 2 places right beside where I work and one was selling the lowest grade for $3.39 a gallon and the one across the street was $3.09 a gallon! That can really start to make an impact over time.  Just in one fill up for my husbands 24 gallon take it would be a difference of $7.20 which over the course of a month is a difference of $28.80 which is enough savings to fill up my car once that month. So when you expand over a year that is a lot of savings.
  3. Check your air filter. I try to be a responsible car owner but I will admit that is one thing I often count on my husband for. I hadn't changed it in forever and he got on me about it. When I got it replaced my gas mileage increased from about 23 mpg to about 28-32 mpg.
  4. I do keep a check on my tire pressure just because you should but I have also been told that this can effect your gas mileage so ladies (and gents) keep an eye on your tire pressure!
  5. Combine your shopping trips. I have to do this alot and I will be honest when gas isn't so bad sometimes I don't give as much thought and I should. However, because I live a good distance outside the city I try to think of everything to do at once. And honestly I try to do it while I am already in town at work. I do like to get out on the weekends but I have been trying to cut that down (1) because of gas prices and (2) unnecessary shopping is spending money I should be trying to save. So make a list of all the place you know you need to go to during the week and try to work out a system so there is as little back tracking as possible.
  6. Everyone always talks about this but it is TRUE - CARPOOL, if you can of course. It is very difficult for me to carpool because with kids I feel like I need to be ready to leave at a moments notice if they get sick, hurt, etc. However, carpooling can drastically cut down on the expense of gas plus it is better for our environment.  Michael really tries to carpool when he can but lately it hasn't been as feasible but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be able to at least once a week because it does add up.
I am sure there are a lot more tips and tricks out there and I encourage you to check into it. It saves your wallet and it saves the environment. I always love hearing your ideas so if you have some good ones please pass them on. If we are paying $3.39 in February can you imagine what June and July will be like?!


  1. I love this post. I carpool almost every night to work with my boss. She drives one week and I drive the next, it saves us a fortune. We are so fortunate to live in the same neighborhood.

    Shanna, thats why you should get Shaklee so your bathrooms will look great! :) hehe

  2. That's awesome you can carpool! It really does save a lot of money and helps our environment too! There are a few people that live near me but we all have kids and we all don't necessarily work the same hours so it makes it difficult.