Sunday, February 27, 2011

Honored and Humbled

Back at Christmas I brought my parents up to Scottsdale, Arizona to enjoy the experience and see how beautiful the area was. I wanted my parents to feel like they were actually on vacation and not just visiting family.

We had a great time spending time with each other but our experience was less than we had wished it was due to numerous inconveniences at our hotel. At first I didn't say anything to the hotel because they were seriously small things but over the several days we were here they really started to add up.

One instance in particular really upset me because I had specifically told the hotel about the mini bar being removed from one of our rooms and was assured that we would not be charged. About a week later I was checking my statement and BAM! there it was a charge from the hotel.

At that time I decided I wanted to inform the hotel/resort of all the issues we had while visiting. I constructed a professional letter just explaining our experience and provided constructive feedback.

The response I received from the resort/hotel was welcoming and appreciative of my comments and they assured me that many of the suggestions I made had already been implemented and offered to provide us with a weekend to try the experience again since changes had been made. Although this is not what we were seeking out we said we would be honored to take them up on their offer. The front end operations manager said he would try to upgrade us the closer it got to our arrival.

Did he EVER! Upon arrival he advised they had a cancellation so they were putting us up in the Presidential Suite.

The Living Room Area

The Dining Room Area

Master Bedroom with Fireplace
The Master Bathroom - seriously my dream bathroom with a whirlpool jetted tub with glass enclosure and shower. There is a separate glass enclosed shower and the room is lined with mirrors and lights which is awesome when doing your make up! The closet is enormous! There is another bathroom with another glass enclosed shower!

Because the Presidential Suite only has one bedroom with a king bed they also provided us with the adjoining room with 2 queen beds and another bathroom for the kids. There was a full functioning kitchen, 2 fireplaces and a balcony.

We just couldn't believe the generosity and we were humbled by someone else's generosity to provide us with a better experience then we had before just because I had chosen to give constructive feedback. We were so curious about how much something like this costs and when I checked it online I couldn't believe what I saw. For us to stay in the accommodations we have been able to enjoy it would have ran us $4600.00!

Again, we are honored to think that someone really took into consideration the feedback we provided and we are humbled that anyone would go this much out of their way to provide us with an experience of a lifetime! I only hope that I can pay it forward to someone else!

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  1. OMG!!!! That is amazing!! I bet you had a wonderful time! You are pretty awesome at writing letters! :)