Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boogity Boogity Boogity!!

Boogity Boogity Boogity - Let’s go racing!
This weekend we took a small vacation up to Scottsdale and then went to the Nascar races on Sunday. Mike and I both really enjoy watching Nascar and introduced Cody back in the fall and this time Haley was going to her first Nascar race!
We started the weekend off staying at an awesome resort - please see my post about being honored and humbled. We went to eat at Benihana’s -- LOVE IT!!!! We had such a great time!
The next day the kids and I went shopping at the Scottsdale Fashion Square while Mike decided to chill at the resort.
We checked out some of Cody’s favorite things.
Saw a shirt that was crudely funny and we thought Dad would like it since he is addicted to angry birds and he will actually admit to it.
We stopped by one of Haley and Cody’s favorite places - yes Starbucks! I know I am a crazy mom that lets her kids drink coffee drinks. I figure can’t be worse than soda and they don’t get it often so it’s not going to hurt them.
Then on Sunday we headed off to the races. Lucky me I got to drive in all the race traffic but we had a blast!
I went all out and totally looked like a true Nascar fan now that I have my scanner! For those of you that may not be aware of Nascar the scanner is totally awesome because I can listen to the pit crews and the drivers talking back and forth - AWESOME!
Cody and Haley both took turns as well listening and enjoyed the race. I am not sure they enjoyed it as much and Mike and me but they said they did like it.

I always enjoy when we take family weekends. It isn’t always easy on the checkbook but I know that weekends like this will be what the kids remember. Not the toys or extras but the fun times we shared and laughed about as a family!


  1. awww, we like NASCAR too. I have never been to a real race but the boys and Dusty have got to go twice to Kansas City Speedway. For FREE! I will have to tell you about that sometime! :) The kids are so cute! Cody is so handsome! Haley looks just like you! I used to think she looked like Michael but she is really starting to look more like you, so pretty like her Momma! :) I sent you some Shaklee! Take the plunge! You know you wanna try it! hahahaha :)

  2. Oh Erin you have to go to a race! They are so much fun! Sometimes I think they look like me but then others I think they look just like Michael. I can't wait to get my Shaklee!! I am going to touch base with you because I think I want to buy some of the scrub paste stuff and try that out!