Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Ugly Truth!

Ok - I can't believe I am actually going to blog about this or let's say I can't believe I am going to post the pics to go along with it but I find it THAT important to tell you about this at my expense.

When we were in middle and high school we were plagued with zits and acne and I remember I couldn't wait for the day that all stopped and I had beautiful glowing skin. My twenties were pretty good with the occasional flare up here and there but overall really good.

THEN I hit my 30's! I couldn't believe it but it was almost like overnight 3 years ago when I started breaking out again and WAY worse than when I was in my teens. Who would think at nearly 33 years old I would have more acne than my tweens!

After suffering with some horrible acne and these places that were so painful and horrible looking I went to a dermatologist. While seeing the Dr. she prescribed me a routine of medications (which I highly suggest seeing a Dermatologist) and she said I can use the zit zapper if you would like. I said sure! I mean it sounded amazing she said it would reduce and practically eliminate these acne cysts within 24-48 hours!

As the asked the nurse to get the zit zapper out I noticed they pulled out a syringe and I about freaked! I NEEDLE going in my FACE!?!?!?!

Needless to say after the Dr. told me to quit being a baby I came to love and cherish the fact that I can go in if I need to get cyst injections and sure enough within about 24 hours the zit is almost gone! I am not talking about a regular zit but these horribly, painful, cysts that take weeks to go away.

So this past Monday evening I felt a place coming up on my face - smack dab middle between my eyes! Bulls eye anyone? Tuesday I worse a hat to work and had the worst headache and it was so swollen. Wednesday morning it wasn't any better so I decided to get an appointment.


Although this picture is gross enough - it looked SO MUCH Worse in person!!
It was definitely a hat day a few days in a row! It didn't totally cover it but I hoped it would kind of hide it and I kind of hid out in my office at work.

I went into my dermatologist office and I actually didn't see the Dr. but I saw the aesthetician instead and I pay a flat rate of $30.00 regardless of the number of injections she has to do.

For this horrible place in the middle of my face there were actually 3 cysts so she did 3 different injections. I want to EMPHASIZE that this is not painful. Because the cyst acne is already sensitive to touch one of the injections was uncomfortable and that is stretching to say that. But it does NOT hurt! There were 2 smaller places on my face and she went ahead and injected these as well.

So less than 24 hours later the cyst is already looking WAY better and I am not wearing a hat today!

I know this is a very embarrassing subject and I can't believe I am putting up pictures but I want to let other women know if you are suffering with adult acne and specifically this cyst acne there are things the doctors can do to help you. In a way I look at this $30.00 as a splurge but at the same time I look at it as a medical expense and honestly makes me feel physically better and internally and emotionally better. So next time you have a break out call the dermatologist and see what they can do for you!


  1. That is so cool that is only $30 and heals that fast! It doesn't look near as bad as you described to me! :( I am glad its gone! I like your sun glasses! :)

  2. Oh the picture doesn't even really begin to show how terrible it was. I mean the pic is gross enough but in person it was terrible! Thanks got my sunglasses at Kohls.