Friday, May 20, 2011


For what you ask?
A FREE Membership to Shaklee!!

I know you have seen me clean LOTS of stuff! It seems never ending and well I guess it is never ending. I swear my dang laundry procreates before I can get it into the washing machine!

Well Shaklee has a LOT of different items but they are all created with health in mind! Healthy Homes, Nutrition, Beauty, Weight Loss/Control, Baby Items and lots more!

I have tried many products! I am VERY happy with the nutrition line.

My hubby and I have been taking the Shaklee Vitalizer Essential Nutrition. There are different packs. The one pictured is really more suited for men but I have been taking them too because like you we like to test things before we invest our money in a product. There is a Vitalizer for Women that has added Iron as well as a Vitalizer Gold for those 50+ in age.

I have to say that we both are already feeling better and have more energy! Even my hubby (which has been a skeptic) said after about a week that he felt so much better, awake, energized!

I have been sick the last couple of months so I knew it is important as ever to make sure I am getting all the vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. Just click above to take a moment to just check it out. Shaklee is the #1 Nutrition Company in the United States!

They come in these really cool packs for each day. The vitamins and minerals are released through their S.M.A.R.T delivery system. The nutrients are not released until they need to be in the right place in your digestive track.

We also have the Shaklee NutriFeron - this is a patented clinically proven system that activates your immune system defenses!

Do you want some Reusable Go Green Shopping Bags!? Shaklee has some awesome reusable bags! I bought a set of 6!

Here are some of my favorite products too! I love the Hair Products and Body Wash!  They have a light fresh scent! But even better they do not contain harmful chemicals.

Another one of my favorite products! The Get Clean Nature Bright is great for laundry stains and I have also used in my shampoo with the Basic H2 Organic All Purpose Cleaner and it works great!

So as you can tell, I love this stuff! I want you to just give it a try if you would like to try it out.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY - to take advantage of the Free Membership with a $30 purchase (at member prices). There are no minimums to maintain your membership and the membership provides you with a 15% discount on the products.

Better yet, these products are healthy! They are non-toxic and I am so glad that I don't cough any more when I am trying to clean - especially in those tight places like the shower.

So just take 2 minutes to check it out HERE!!!!!

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