Thursday, May 19, 2011

Multitasking at it's Best!

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Multi-tasking - Some times I wish there wasn't such a word!

Any-who, I seem to be pretty decent at it but it can also be exhausting. I decided last night I would see what I could get done while I was grilling dinner because I had to be up and off the couch anyways.

I decided I would clean the top rack of the grill in the same amount of time it took me to grill chicken and steam some rice.

Gross I know! This probably 3 years worth of burnt on stuff! I mean we scrub it every time with that brush doohickie thing but that only does so MUCH!

A little close up of all the grossness!

What I love about both of these products is there are no harmful chemicals or fumes and they do a great job!

Work in progress

Still working while the chicken is grilling

See - told ya I was cooking while I was cleaning the grill rack

So this is what it looks like in the amount of time it took me to grill the chicken.
I will be honest there was a bit of elbow grease involved but the Basic H2 and Get Clean Scour Off worked great!  I sprayed the rack first with the degreaser and then added the Scour Off to my scrub brush and went to town. I would periodically spray the rack with the degreaser to help break up the greasy stuck on stuff.

The top part of the grill is what I cleaned while I was cooking - it was THAT FAST!  Now there were parts of the grill that I couldn't get shiny and I realized it wasn't because it was still dirty but the heat seemed to change the metal like it was scorched.

Multi-tasking at its finest! Knocked out 2 much needed tasks (dinner and this nasty grill top). 

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  1. I need to clean our grill too! :) Thanks for motivating me! :) Yours looks great! :)

  2. wait wait, YOU cleaned the grill! You? the woman? Isn't that man's work? Girl, your hubs is one lucky man.

    however, it looks great. good job! those cleaning tools are amazing!