Friday, May 20, 2011

Payment for Grades?

Do you pay your kids for their grades?

I use to be very torn on this subject but I had a therapist (yes,I work the field of mental health) tell me that kids are like adults, we are ALL motivated by Money!

After she put it like that I thought that is so true! I love getting a bonus at work (I wish that happened more often) so why wouldn't my kids like to get a bonus for getting good grades?

We do tell them that school is their job right?

I still have slightly mixed feelings about it because it is expected that they will do their best in school and achieve the best grades possible without having any sort of incentive other than not getting grounded  doing their best.

I guess a little external motivation never hurt anyone right?

So normally this time at the end of the school year I find myself calculating how big of a dent it is going to be on my wallet! 

I pay $10 for each A.
$5 for each B.
Nothing for a C
You owe me $5 for any D's
You owe me $10 for any F's and watch out!

Do you pay for grades? If so how much do you pay for an A? B? 


  1. We don't pay for grades yet. My Son is 9 and right now they get E,M,P or B. E is exceeding standard, M is meeting standard, P is progressing toward standard and B is below standard. I'd rather have the A,B,C,D,F, they may start that in 5th or 6th grade, he's in 3rd now.
    I think we will eventually pay for good grades, my parents did. I do like the owing for Ds and Fs, good idea!

  2. I like that! At first I was like SAY WHAT?! Then I like how they have to pay YOU for the bad grades! Makes you stop and think! :)