Monday, May 16, 2011

Saving Time and Money

It seems now days pretty much you can go anywhere and hear people talking about gas prices!

I just want to say I can't stand pumping gas!

I am slowly trying to teach my tweens how to pump gas - they need to learn - and it will be so nice when I don't have to get out of the car to do it myself!

For me this hurt! I can't say I didn't have this coming to me - Remember I got a new Pathfinder? Yes, I am thrilled but getting used to the gas prices is taking a little bit of time.

I think we can all use some reminders on how to save money on gas and in return this saves us time and makes us more efficient! I LOVE efficiency but I just haven't been very efficient lately.

1. Take some of the weight out of your vehicle.
2. Watch how you accelerate and brake. The more you accelerate quickly then break then accelerate and so on the more gas that is used. Smooth riding seems to better.
3. Plan your trips. Instead of making multiple trips into town make a list of everything needed and try to reduce the number of trips needed to get tasks accomplished.
4. I live in AZ so this isn't very practical most of the times but when it is I do turn off my AC. This require more power which uses more gas.

Just a few tips!

Another way to save time when dealing with your vehicles is a safe all purpose cleaner!

I love my new Pathfinder and I want to take really good care of it! I have already had to clean it and I haven't had it a month! It is a matter of time with kids right?

I use the Shaklee Basic H2 All purpose Organic Cleaner! It works great for cleaning my exterior, the vinyl, plastic, and I can use it for cleaning the carpets and seats!

I really do love this stuff! It is good for the environment and your house and cars! By having one cleaner that is safe for everything I don't have to waste time by working with different cleaners!

I love these products are so safe and this company does not test on animals!


  1. UGH. Gas prices suck!!

    I've been enjoying my shaklee samples...I'll definitely have a post up soon, with lots of links to your shaklee page :)

  2. Pretty soon we'll need to decide between Eating Food or Filling Up the Truck! I can't believe we used to complain about $1.50 a gallon.