Monday, August 29, 2011

Out of Control!

It has really gotten out of control in my house!
It really is my fault - well seems to be since I am the slave, servant, maid, cook,  mom and wife.

I haven't had my cleaning fairy coming as often since we have had some birthdays, vacations, and vehicle repairs, well you get the idea so things have gotten out of control quickly!

I decided yesterday to tackle this massive problem with the help of my 2 adorable helpers!

You know these 2? They are awesome at cleaning!

It was a time to refill some of my Shaklee Cleaners. It is super easy and the product lasts forever!!! The Basic H Organic Cleaner makes an All Purpose Cleaner, the Window cleaner, and a Degreaser!

See that bottle? I have had that since February! I am telling you it lasts forever!!

Here is my Get Clean Caddy that I put all my cleaners in. It makes it so simple and easy when I am moving from room to room. I bought a bunch of the Basic H Spray Bottles they are super cheap and they are great quality. I had bought some at the dollar store and my sprayer kept breaking so I bought these and they come in a group of 3 bottles and they specifically what is in it and the bottles also has the instructions for making the solution. SO EASY!

GROSS Right? That is a hard water ring in my toilet (my hubs would probably die if he knew I posted this) but we have really hard water in AZ and it is SO hard to get off!

Thanks to my awesome cleaning fairy she introduced me to this really cool stone! I found this stone at ACE Hardware, I have searched everywhere for the name of it and can't find it but this stone is amazing! I used my Basic G that kills germs without making me cough from fumes.

Wowzers! See told ya that stuff really works!

Ewww again I know! Our bathroom sinks really taking hit between us and then our cat also thinks this is her bed.

Told ya she is crazy!

She also thinks the bathtub is her bed as well. But see that footprint to the left? Well I love to use my Basic H2 Degreaser and my Get Clean Scour Off to clean stubborn stains like this!

It turned out awesome! I just used some Basic H2 All Purpose cleaner and tada - done!

See no footprint (the pinkish color is from the flash I promise)! I finally felt so much better after I finally tackled the bathroom!

Basically the entire house had gotten out of control! I only showed you the bathroom here which was terrible enough!

The kids really helped we each tackled a bathroom each and then split up the rest of the stuff to be done. If one vacuumed upstairs the other vacuumed downstairs and I did the sweeping and mopping. If one did dishes the other did trash.  I was stuck doing the laundry!


Check it out HERE !!

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