Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breaking Point

Ok yes because I am a perfectionist I like to think and look like I have it all together. However, every once in a while I seriously have a breaking point.

This week is it!
 **(Ok insert imaginary picture of me losing it in your mind because obviously when I am losing it I will NOT allow anyone to take a picture of me if they value their life!)

I have still been working on my small projects each night with tonight being not losing my mind lol and actually working on our annual budget and goals we are setting for the year! We are ambitious and I will blog about it later but not tonight since I am losing my mind!

Me on PMS is not like me at all - ok well maybe a little but like X 1oo! Throw in some shingles, a fever blister, headache, and a terrible day at work and that equals a not so cool, calm, and collected Shanna!

But one thing is for sure! I know that I am not alone and I know when others are having days like this it is comforting to know that others make it through as well. Tonight was a comfort night so I had a nice dinner of small heart shaped dark chocolates (uh that's healthy cause dark chocolates have anti-oxidants right?) and I washed it down with some cold sparkling Mt. Dew (aka Heaven in a bottle!)!

I was excited to see some of the awesome deals that came out in the Fry's grocery ad and then I was disappointed when I realized that I had left my coupons in my desk at work because I thought I will leave them there tonight (cause I am writing this tonight to post tomorrow) so I won't work on them at home and I can rest.  Oh bummer! Well I promise to try to get something posted by Wednesday evening about all the great deals and places you can get the coupons.

By the time you are reading this a new day will have started for me and I hope it goes a bit differently than today.  I love to hear how you all handle a bad day, I try not to wallow to long in my self-pity but I will give myself a few more hours till the morning!

What perks you up?

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  1. awww, hope you feel better soon! Slow down and enjoy life! Everyone needs a dinner of chocolate and mt dew sometimes! :)