Monday, February 14, 2011

Vampires or Werewolves?

We all know the debate around our house - Werewolves or boys who sparkle? I love sparkle so I have to say that I am TEAM EDWARD! However, Haley is TEAM JACOB so you can imagine the debates in our house lol! Well it is that time of year we start discussing her birthday party in March and I wanted to share her birthday party from last year!

It was such a fluke that the day we chose to do the party was the same day the New Moon DVD The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)  was released ! Were we so excited! We had a Twilight/New Moon Double Digit Birthday party! Now some of the things were super cheap but I made most of the stuff so we really cut down on the costs.

Well I have to say I love this layout. I worked so hard on this for her and seriously for a 10 year old I think she really appreciated it. I made the cupcakes from a box and then made homemade butter creme icing and decorated the tops by using a zip lock back and cutting the corner out and then just swirling it on top. I dipped strawberries in chocolate and then drizzled melted white chocolate over them. I did the same thing with the stick pretzels. I really watched out for the clearance candies after Valentines Day because we knew were going with a red and black theme. You can't see it super well but I bought tulips that were highlighted in red on the end like the one on the book.

I printed individual labels out on the computer and just used clear tape to take them on the individual drinks and 2-liters. We looked for a variety of different drinks but the biggest hit was the Jones' sodas in the bottles like these Jones, Soda Fufu Berry, 12-Fluid Ounce (24 Pack) Jones, Soda Strawberry Lime, 12-Fluid Ounce (24 Pack).

 I also printed out quotes from both of the movies and framed them in black picture frames I had picked up on Black Friday a few months before and put the quotes on the bigger drinks as well.

I did splurge to get a life size cutout like this one. Twilight - Edward - Lifesize Standup/ Poster #906
It was a huge hit and we had it set up where anyone that wanted could get their picture made with it.

We started the evening with the original Twilight Movie Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition) and then followed up with the double feature showing The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition). Even my husband was taking part in the festivities for Haley.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the bags I made. I found these really cool black and white bags for dollar and then took sparkly sticker letters and made each girl a bag with their name and a quote from the movie. I also printed off pictures from the movies and laminated them for bookmarks. I also found little black, white, and red notebooks for a dollar and decorated these with sparkly letters with Team Edward and Team Jacob for each girl. Each girl got a bag with the goodies and plastic vampire teeth like these.12 White Vampire Fangs, Plastic Teeth, Costume Accessory

The food was great! The movies were great! And the kids had a blast!

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  1. That is just awesome! I would have never thought of taping the printouts on the soda bottles! I am totally getting ideas here! :) I can't wait to do birthday parties when my kids are a little older. I don't do big parties for them now because I just think they are a waste of money but when they get older I am going to be all about frugal ideas for fun like this! :) Thanks for sharing! Awesome!