Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am a girly girl! If you know me you will probably totally agree but also know that I won't hesitate to run out the door in my pony and no make up (although I would rather at least have some powder and mascara lol). However, there are a few things I love and I wanted to share and hear back from you!

I love my makeup bag in the back. I bought it at Old Navy and I think it was like $3.00. It is super cute with a zipper and it's girly but not over the top.

The Alba Un-petroleum jelly is awesome!  I had never heard about this product until I was reading Kandee Johnson's blog she is at Kandee The Make-up Artist and she has some great ideas! She is professional make-up artist and I love reading her blog and watching her make-up videos on you-tube. This jelly is a great moisturizer and it doesn't take very much but I feel like I can tell the difference in my fine lines around my eyes and I have been using it for about 3 weeks.  I only use it at night and like I said it doesn't take very much.

I do have a few different foundations that I love but currently I am in love with my MAC foundation and powder. It is about middle of the road in regards to the cost but I am a full coverage girl and these 2 products especially together work great for me!

As you can see I also have Heel Tastic - yep like the one they talk about on TV. I love to walk around barefoot and in flip flops (I do live in Arizona!) and my heels are some of the worst ever! My friend Mindy told me about this stuff and it is great!
Once I tried it out I try to use it each night but if I forget it's ok I will just start again the next night before I go to bed. It is amazing how the cracks in my heels just disappear.

You can see there is a small black tube right in the middle. Well this is an eyeliner that I am a HUGE fan of! It is Walk the Line Liquid Eyeliner by Hard Candy. HARD CANDY Eye Candy Sparkle Cream Eye Shadow & Glitter Eye Liner Pixie (Light Pink COLOR) the eyeliner I have is very similar to the one in this picture. It is a liquid eyeliner and I have found that with liquid eyeliner my eyeliner doesn't start to run throughout the day and doesn't make me look like I have smudges all around my eyes. I often will blend my eyeliner with a brush to soften the look a little bit.

These are just a few of my favorite things! I hope to share more with you soon!


  1. I love Mac. I haven't tried their foundation because I don't usually wear any but I do wear their eye shadow, eye paste and lipstick. They are SUPER expensive but such a treat sometimes. Where do you get the heel tastic from???? I need that!!!!

  2. Hey Erin! Yeah it isn't the cheapest makeup but I am not so specific on my mascara and stuff and I normally don't get the expensive stuff but love a good foundation, powder, and I find a difference in the eyeliners. You can get the heeltastic online or at like Walmart CVS, or Walgreens, I think it runs about $10-12 and it is great!