Monday, February 21, 2011

Grocery Deals!

For my friends in Arizona - Fry's is having fabulous deal through Tuesday February 22. I am not sure what their ad will be starting the next day but I never take chances. For my friends that go to Krogers, Dillons, and other Kroger family groceries their deals are very similar but I think Fry's is the only one that accepts competitor coupons and makes all manufacturer coupons a 1.00 (which really helps!) so check out your local grocery store for their coupon policy.

Fry's is having a Mega 10 deal where if you buy a combo (mix and match) of the specified 10 items you will save $3.00 now and get a coupon for $3.00 off your future purchase.  Plus remember you can still "stack" your coupons! So if you have a competitor coupon you can use it WITH a competitor coupon!

There are several websites that you can go to print out manufacturer coupons.
Wow Coupons
All You Magazine

There are many sites and you can google these and so many great sites and awesome blogs will come up. I am only touching on a few points but there are some blogs out there that are unbelievable and can tell you specifically what the deals are by item. I will try to give you the best details I can.

Remember don't forget to go to the Target website and print out their coupons as well.

So I went to the grocery store with Cody and we had to be smart with our carts since I was going to do all the Mega 10 items in one cart and check out and then use my $3.00 coupons on my next cart (all non-mega 10 items).

Non-Mega 10 Items

Mega 10 Items Cart

It was a crazy day at the grocery store and having Cody there to help me was so helpful he doesn't even realize. I did "catch him being good and helpful" (as parents we often catch them doing wrong) and told him he could have one "freebie" item (one that isn't on the list) - he chose a candy bar which made him happy and was cheap for me!

This is what it looked like as we went through the store. One cart on top of the other trying to squeeze through the aisles while trying to be polite and teaching Cody that others aren't always as nice as I am trying to teach him to be (it was frustrating at times).

Some of my deals!  And most of these are mega 10 items plus coupons.

Easy Mac 4 pk Mac-n-Cheese - Target has a coupon for $1.50 off a 4 pk and I printed off a coupon (remember all manufacturer coupons will be worth a dollar) and with how the coupons were I bought 2 - 4pk Easy Mac for $3.88 which made them $1.94 each.

Ritz Crackers - Target coupon and manufacturer coupon. Bought 2 boxes of Ritz crackers paid $2.88 which made them $1.44 a box.

Oreo Cookies - Target and Manufacturer coupons. Bought 2 boxes paid $2.98 which made them $1.49 a box.

Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat - Target coupon (must buy 3) and manufacturer. Bought 3 packs of lunch meat. Paid $4.47 which made them $1.49 a pack of meat.

Bounty Paper Towels 8 pk (not a normal item for me to buy). Target and manufacturer coupon. Bought 8 pk for $4.69 which made it $.58 a roll for paper towels.

Kraft BBQ Sauce - Target Coupon (looks like mayonnaise but says other Kraft products below picture which included the BBQ sauce) plus a coupon that if I bought 2 Kraft products save a $1.00 on a 2 liter (mega 10 coke 2-liters were .99 which made it free). Kraft BBQ sauce after coupon were $.19 a piece plus a free 2 liter.

Totino Pizza Rolls and Totino Pizzas - buy 2 saved a dollar. I printed the maximum number of coupons and bought Totino rolls for $.47 a box and Pizzas were $.30 a pizza and I bought 6.

On My Non-Mega 10 Items

In one of the coupon circulars last week there were cut out coupons for Target for Tide Detergent. There were 2 coupons and I had 2 manufacturer coupons for Tide plus Tide is on sale for the Super 8's sale that is also going on. Tide $5.88 minus my coupons = 2 Bottles of Tide for $3.38 and $4.13 each.

Yoplait Yogurts - Target and Manufacturer Coupons. Bought 12 and they were $.23 each.

I also still have Snapple Mail in Rebates so I made sure that I bought 1 pk of Snapple Teas with both check-outs so I was able to get 2- 12 pks for free!

Bought 151 items - $389.27 Worth of Food and Paid $182.23 out of pocket. I had a $25.00 gift card I had been holding on too and used that before out of pocket. I saved $207.04. Average of feeding a family of 4 is $91.12 a week.


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