Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kids Beg For This

Ok so I really  have to give another shout out to my great friend Mindy for introducing my family to a fabulous fun family game!
I had never heard of the game Mexican Train Dominoes much less ever played the game.  After we played with a regular set of Dominoes (which is totaly doable) I did go buy us the actual game set that looks like this
Cardinal Industries Mexican Train Domino Game in an Aluminum Case

We first played this game on Christmas Eve this past year with our GREAT friends Mindy, Glen, and Melaina!  We had made a southern friend chicken dinner together and sat down to play some family games.
This game is easy enough for small kids but so much fun for teens and adults! It took a couple of rounds to really learn the game and from experience it really seems there are different rules depending on where you learned to play - but nonetheless SO MUCH FUN!
 Stradegy Talk - they were cracking me up!
Oh Cody! You are always so animated!

We love the game so much when my parents visited at Christmas we took the game with us up to Scottsdale to play while at the resort!
Both kids were explaining (or trying) to my parents.

So if you have never played Mexican Train Dominoes you have got to try it out! If you don't have dominoes just grab any good family game and sit down with your kids!

My kids love playing games, having family movie night - bottom line even with tweens and teens won't admit it they do want and love family time!

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